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Looking very complete but weighing a touch more than the average Ultrabook is this Wistron-designed Ultrabook was shown on stage at the Ultrabook press event today.

Slider UltrabookSlider Ultrabook (1)



It’s an interesting idea but having used large tablets, convertibles and sliders in the past I know that when they get past the 1KG weight, they tend to get a little awkward to use in tablet mode. You also have the disadvantage of an exposed screen along with the design difficulties of squeezing in the battery around the extra casing and slider mechanism.  It’s a fun looking product but I’m yet to be convinced that a 1.5KG tablet really can be very useful. What do you think?

Slider Ultrabook (2)Slider Ultrabook (3)Slider Ultrabook (4)Slider Ultrabook (5)Slider Ultrabook (6)Slider Ultrabook (7)Slider Ultrabook (8)

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  • Robert

    I agree with you Chippy,

    as for me give me lighter ultrabooks instead,

    where are the 30 to 50 ultrabook models ?
    and some whose release date is just around the corner would be nice too:) i am just asking n asking these days … and please tell intel to prohibit strange noisy and loud fans under the threat of the death penalty lol why not go with some new inventive idea to cool the system we are ove hdd to ssd why not give the fan the death blow it should be a relic of the past, there ought to be some new 21th century ways or will we have to wait until apple installs liquid cooling ? (then all of a sudden everyone would get it)

  • Jeeuhj

    after devices like the Transformer Prime, I personally like the Lenovo Yoga (not the netbook device) in the Ultrabook-with-touch league.

    It had a video on TheVerge, but however, the page gives you a 404 error now. You should ask someone @ Lenovo’s stand if they can show you one. its a Ultrabook with 360 degrees flipping, however, if set it in an angle of like 300 degrees, it will stand stable and therefor have some kind of Painters -ezel effects.

  • Jeeuhj
  • vjachi

    well dont look on it like a tablet only. its normal computer and you can use it like tablet for multimedia or browsing.

  • Adam

    1.5kg?!?!? Fatty, fatty, FATTY.

    Ultrabook: meet curry and chips.


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  • Cristiano Lima

    well dont look on it like a tablet only. its normal computer and you can use it like tablet for multimedia or browsing.

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