Vizio unveils Ultrabook-like Notebooks

Posted on 07 January 2012 by

Stepping away from the Ultrabook brand means Vizio are unlikely to get marketing support from Intel which makes us think that two laptops that will ‘exceed Ultrabook specifications’ are not true Ultrabooks. Does it matter though?

Vizio are to show 14″ and 15.3″ ultra-light laptops at CES this week. They will be aimed at the North American market and are designed to work with a range of low-cost TVs. Apart from photos at The Verge which show a minimum of ports, possibly indicating a low price target, there aren’t many details. Launch is said to be in May which, if the devices are targeted at the low cost market would mean the use of cheaper Sandy Bridge CPUs rather than newer, more expensive Ivy Bridge parts.

One other thing that makes us think these Vizio laptops aren’t blessed with the marketing cash of Intel is the lack of a mention of the Intel Wi-Di brand. Surely a notebook / TV combo would be perfect for that? We’ll track down more info in the coming days.

source: Financial Times

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