See You at the Intel Developer Session at MWC?

Posted on 22 February 2012 by

intel platform of choice

In addition to the expected smartphone, tablet and AppUp announcements at Mobile World Congress, Intel’s European teams will be holding a ‘Platform of Choice’ event on the 28th Feb which will offer you a update on Intel’s activities in various sectors, including Ultrabooks. There will be both global and European focus at the event. I’ll be attending and I hope to see you there too.

The event covers the following areas…

  • discover new business opportunities with Android on the latest Intel architecture
  • present your applications and learn how you can successfully feature your software through various channels
  • see device demos, have time to network with industry experts and Intel
  • benefit from technical consultations and advice from on-site Intel engineers
  • find out more about Ultrabook and how they are making their way into the market in 2012.

On the day you could also win one of ten Ultrabooks. Transport to and from the event will be provided.

You can find out more and register for the event here.

I’ll be attending the event for Carrypad and Ultrabooknews and our good friend Cosimo from will also be there to report. We’ll both be looking for interesting content so if you’ve got an opinion, a company or an application that is targeted towards AppUp, Android or Ultrabooks, let us know and we’ll hook up with you to get you on video.

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring Carrypad/Ultrabooknews during the MWC event and making it possible to be at the event, meet the European and International teams. This promotional post is part of that sponsorship agreement but please note that our MWC news content is not bound by any sponsorship agreements.

  • Jac

    (Personal Computers) I was in the market for a small ptblaroe laptop, and was initially considering one of the new AMD fusion powered netbooks. However, when I stumbled on this Samsung laptop, its high spec in such a small package persuaded me to part with the extra cash. First impressions were great, this thing looks really smart and professional. Nice matte finish all over, nothing shiny and glossy on this thing apart from the Samsung logo on the lid. Very nice indeed. However, thats where things started to go downhill. The screen on this thing is very mediocre. Sure its matte and Samsung talk about it like its hugely impressive, but its not. It’s just a typical cheap laptop screen with poor viewing angles (particularly up and down), average brightness and the default colour settings in windows are horribly washed out, although fiddle with the settings and it does produce some nice colours. Next up are all the noises it makes. It’s just annoying. The cooling fan comes on after a few mins and stays on which isn’t that unusual for any laptop, but its a particularly annoying sound, as it has a quiet hiss to it. The hard drive is fairly audible, and when you actually want it to make noise (ie, from the speakers) the sound is absolutely dreadful and tinny, I know this is a business orientated laptop but they could have spent more than 10p on the speakers. Couple of points to note some other websites state that this laptop comes with 3G broadband, the model number NP400B2B-A01UK as sold here on Amazon does NOT come with 3G broadband, and it doesn’t come with a DVDRW drive either as the title specifies. By the way, Samsung provide recovery software on a CD for this thing. Handy! Luckily its also installed on the drive too. Having come from a Macbook, perhaps i’ve been spoiled when it comes to quality and had my expectations set a bit high, but with the above flaws, I really couldn’t live with this thing. The hard drive on my unit was also faulty, perhaps just a bit of bad luck but still annoying all the same.

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