Lenovo U310 Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Specification Update

Posted on 03 April 2012 by

Shown at CES and presented as ‘back to school’ Ultrabook solutions, the Lenovo U310 and Lenovo U410 were never going to have the best specification list but at a target price of $699 with Ivy Bridge they are definitely worth watching.


A few images and a user manual has appeared at the FCC clearing-house which gives us confidence they they are preparing for launch. We’ve gleaned a few more specifications too.

Gone is the Intel WiFi that was talked about at CES and instead of a “50w or more” battery you’ve only got 46Wh on the U310. The U410 will come with 56Wh. Both devices have a hybrid hard drive (specs unknown) and the U410 gets 8GB of RAM, 4GB more than the U310.

Internally, and in the manual, there are hints of Wimax or 3G module options and although the Broadcom Wifi module doesn’t support Intel Wi-Di, it does support BT3.0+HS

The U310 will weigh 1.7KG and the U410, 1.8KG. Definitely not the lightest of Ultrabooks.

Full specifications in the Lenovo U310 and Lenovo U410 specification pages.

Our hands-on video below.


Hat-tip Liliputing

  • Michael

    Ha ha. Somemore nonsense coming from the ultrabook world. The weight is clearly going higher and higher. Are we now starting at 1.7Kg and 1.8Kgs?

    Like I said before there are no clear guidelines from Intel. Its like free for all now. Soon there will be a 3Kg ultrabook. Why not? If there can be a 2.3Kg ultrabook, we can soon see the figure increasing to 3Kgs.

    The term ultrabook now has become a joke. People are actually laughing at Intel. They initially promoted “thin and light” but with the weight increasing now higher and higher, what is really all the fuss about the ultrabook? Better for consumers to buy a Lenovo Ideapad S205 for half the price. For intents and purposes, its also an ultrabook in many people’s eyes.

    • Chippy

      I agree on the point that Intel needs to tighten up the definition. Watch out for IDF next week to see if Intel tighten up for the next-gen.

  • Adrian

    I can’t wait to buy this, and just say saved 600$ m….kerrrrrrrrrrr….
    by the way for the mactards open wide and swallow this :D Sony VAIO VGN-N19VPB – realeased on 2006, yes, yes macbook pro… they said, it’s original they said :))
    if you know what I mean!!!

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