UK Readers – Amazon Offering Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook for £698.80

Posted on 02 April 2012 by

toshiba-portege-z830-ultrabook_01After seeing that US online prices for high-end Ultrabooks have dropped 22% from the original launch prices, it’s good to see other countries showing similar price drops. This offer on a Toshiba Satellite Z830 is particularly interesting. £698.80 is 22% below list price! [US Readers – This is a 120% consumer price that includes sales tax. Business buyers pay around £580]

I’m a Z830 user myself so I can vouch for this Ultrabook. You’ve got all the ports you need, a great SSD (ignore the reports of poor write speeds, it performs exactly when you need it) and the backlit keyboard is something you’ll never want to lose once you’ve had it. The Z830-10T on offer here has the Core i3 CPU at 1.4Ghz. (Without Turbo Boost as seen on other Ultrabooks.)

A wobbly screen might distract some and the fan noise when under load can be annoying in a quiet room but the rest is pure Ultrabook. You’ll absolutely love the weight too. SDXC, Centrino Wifi and Matt screen are all worth noting.

Having tested two versions we have to declare the keyboard as a little hit-and-miss. Our current model has a space-bar that is sometimes reluctant to register. A previous model we had, from Germany, had no such issue. Seriously though, for this price, it’s a great deal and worth testing out.

For more information, check out our full review and our information page for specs, pics, videos and more.


  • Chris

    Same price at John Lewis, Argos, Currys, Dixons and PCW.

    • Chippy

      Good. Yesterday they were all more expensive.

  • Robert

    it´s april im waiting for the samsung series 9 in Germany … just not sure if i go 13 or 15 inch screen lightweight is nice but more battery power is good in the 15inch which still is incredible for that size
    unless someone can make me a better recommedation
    im going for it … maybe apple with come out soon with some super sonic screen ect. but in all likelyhood gonna be glossy and i want to use mine alot in the garden this summer.

    • Chippy

      If you’re looking at that level, I don’t think there’s anything that’s better!

  • Robert

    thanks Steve ! i think i´m going for it. … hurry up samsung deutschland lol

  • Michael

    Better to buy it from John Lewis as you can get your VAt forms done up. So, for those leaving the UK, you can get an additional 20% VAT back. That works out to around 570 pounds. that is pretty cheap for a high end Toshiba ultrabook.

    • Chippy

      Good shout. My mother is coming over from the UK next week!

      • Michael

        There is another good news for you Chippy. It seems John Lewis is giving an extra year of warranty free. So, you will have 2 years warranty. Make sure your mom gets the retailer to fill up the Vat Claim forms to be submitted at the airport.

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