ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A is the “epitome of Ultrabook perfection” – Anandtech

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Yesterday we saw the first review of the next-gen Asus Zenbooks. The Zenbook Prime UX31A impressed Laptop and impressed us too with a great set of improvements that brings the Zenbook Prime right up into near-perfect Ultrabook territory. Today we’ve got Anandtech giving us a similar story about the 11.6” ASUS Zenbook UX21A.


If you have any interest at all in Ultrabooks or ultrathins or even netbook-sized devices, read this review…

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A Review

Highlights include a vastly improved keyboard and screen along with slightly improved idle battery life.  Anandtech also have a list of all the ASUS Zenbook Prime models.  Like, they can’t reveal the CPU details but have a look here to get an idea of what’s likely to be on offer.

I can’t begin to describe how significant these first two reviews are. We’re talking about favorable comparisons with a MacBook Air (yes, MBA 2012 is still to come) and words like ‘perfection’ being used.  “The display is truly in a league of its own” says Anand. Remember, Windows 8 is going to add even more goodness. My prediction: Expect a touchscreen version on stage at Intel’s IDF in September.

  • robert

    the big bezel will make a nice picture frame if you put a classic painting as your wallpaper :-)

    • MP

      Yeah, it really annoys me – but considering the rest of the laptop is close to perfect I guess it’s forgivable :)

      I’m going to wait and see how the Series 9 update turns out, and maybe the Air, but the ux31a sure looks like a champ…

      • robert

        :)do you remember if the previous model got loud or noisy under normal workload .. i hope this onee will be silent .. constant running fan noise wouldnt be my thing

    • pentz

      The large bezel really makes it look cheap.

  • Adam

    Hahaha! I came straight to the comments section to say the same thing!

    Glad we’re all in agreement that the fat bezels make it look like a cheap netbook from straight ahead.


  • Adam

    What about Intel WIDI?

    I really don’t want to lug around cables to connect to a screen; especially when a dongle is required. This was a missing item on the UX31 and isn’t discussed in the LaptopMag article at all…


    • MP

      All places I’ve checked says that it’s coming with WiDi.

      • Chippy

        Same here. I think Anandtech mentioned it as a 2×2 6260 Centrino module with 5Ghz support. (Good!)

  • Andrew

    I don’t like the large bezel as well. Also still no built in 3G which would free me from a 3G modem on usb.

    Another thing worries me (can’t say I don’t like it without seeing this laptop in person) is the full hd. I wonder if documents are even readable in this resolution without having to zoom in on everything. On the other hand 1366×768 seems to be coming a bit short. In my opinion 1600×900 seems to be the max usable resolution for office work on a 13″.

  • Rolin

    I’m starting to get the feeling that high quality IPS-style screens cannot be put into thin bezel designs just yet.

    • James

      The Zenbook Prime is offering a IPS screen. The bezel just can’t be too thin when the lid is also thin, otherwise the structural load gets placed on the screen and makes them more likely to get damaged.

      Mind they also stick other things in there like often they place any antennas around in the bezel spaces or behind the screen if there is enough room. So it’s not just the webcam and brackets that hold the screen place sharing that space.

      While they may soon be adding sensors and touch screen as well.

  • Anton

    Only 4GB ram, that’s unfortunate. Otherwise I would buy that one for sure.. Need 8GB.

    • MP

      Lets wait and see until it’s officially released. 4GB even on the premium offerings sounds a bit cheap.

  • corey

    why does the 32vd have a hybrid drive and not a SSD??

  • Lisa

    Does anyone know if the ASUS ZENBOOK™ Prime UX21A has WIDI

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