Intel Core Mobile Ultra Processors Announced. Doesn’t Include Core i3

Posted on 31 May 2012 by

In a typical ‘premium first’ move, Intel have announced 4 new 3rd generation Core processors aimed at Ultrabooks and other highly mobile PCs.

Intel 3rd Gen Ultra

It’s easy to see which devices are going to be best for gaming and video work – the i5-3317U runs a slightly lower max GPU clock. All have a 17W nominal TDP although we already know that this TDP can be programmed  up or down for design purposes.

The official list matches the one we published last week…

Core i5

3317U 1.7Ghz-2.6Gz (at nominal TDP of 17W) GPU clock 350Mhz-1050Mhz [No vPro support]

3427U 1.8Ghz-2.8Ghz (at nominal TDP of 17W) GPU clock 350Mhz-1150Mhz

Core i7

3517U 1.9-3.0Ghz (at nominal TDP of 17W) GPU clock 350Mhz-1150Mhz [No vPro support]

3667U 2.0-3.32Ghz (at nominal TDP of 17W) GPU clock 350Mhz-1150Mhz

We’ve heard about one Core i3 product – the 3127U too but this hasn’t been announced.

3217U 1.8Ghz (at nominal 17W TDP) GPU clock 350Mhz-1050Mhz

All Ivy Bridge platforms for Ultrabooks are expected to have HD 4000 graphics units with 16 execution units. 1st-generation Ultrabooks used the HD 3000 CPU with 12 execution units. (Execution units affect the performance of both 3D and video processing performance.] For details on the media capabilities of the 3rd Gen Core ‘Ultra’ Processors, see this article.


Sneak peek – 2nd Generation Ultrabooks

We only keep one variant of each model in our database but for a list of devices that will run some form of 3rd-Gen Processor, see this list.


Information via Engadget. Processor details should go into Intel’s processor database soon.

  • Core i3 will arrive later in June :-)

  • DavidC1

    Configurable TDP down or cTDPdown puts the base clock frequencies at 1.2GHz for all the supporting processors. Max Turbo speeds are identical to 17W mode. The difference is that Turbo expires faster in higher loads.

    Configurable TDP up or cTDPup just ups the base frequency. For the 3667U its 2.5GHz, and the max Turbo clocks are same again.

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