LG moves up to Ivy Bridge with Xnote Z350, Claims New ‘Thinnest’ Ultrabook

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The LG Z350 Ultrabook has been announced.  Based on the same chassis as the LG Xnote Z330 it looks like a straight upgrade to Ivy Bridge to make a 2nd-generation Ultrabook.

Update: The announcement includes a new 14″ model. The LG Xnote X450

LG Xnote Z350

LG haven’t come up with a full list of specs (we suspect that will surface next week during Computex) but are pushing a thickness of 14.7mm which is tenths of a millimeter thinner than the Acer S5. This is getting silly! Taking a look back at the Xnote Z330 specs we also see a claimed thickness of 15mm so maybe the Acer S5 was never the thinnest anyway.

A weight of 1.2KG is more interesting though. For a 13″ screen that, from this angle, looks like it’s got a higher resolution than 1366×768. The bezel looks thin too. Note: glossy screen.

LG XnoteLG also mention a SATA3 SSD in their press release (translated) which could lead to some high disk speeds – the reason that LG claims it will boot in 9 seconds perhaps. (Note: The Z330 also had fast boot speeds. 9.9 seconds I seem to remember.)

Available in Core i5 and i7 versions. No information on pricing and availability yet.

LG Xnote Specification summary

LG Xnote Z350

  • Ivy Bridge Core i5/i7
  • SSD storage – SATA 3
  • 13.3″ thin bezel glossy display
  • 3 x USB (probably all USB3.0 given this is Ivy Bridge)
  • HDMI
  • Headset port
  • LAN port (via adaptor cable)
  • MicroSD port
  • Wi-Di

The Xnote Z330 was always an interesting Ultrabook but it never seemed to get wide distribution. Maybe LG can push this one a little harder.

Source: EngadgetDDaily

  • MP

    Those laptops look truly unoriginal to me – I know Apple didn’t invent the wedge look or the chicklet keys and so on, but those two laptops look like a mb and a mba to me. :P

    That said, I’ve never had a bad experience with an LG product. If they can squeeze in a high res display with their shuriken-bezel-tech I’m definitely interested.

  • Andrew

    Again with a shitty glossy screen. So thanks (for whatever needs thanking), but no thanks !

  • Adam

    Incredibly thin, light, premium materials, premium screen, premium SSD, thin bezels; this is EXACTLY what I want as long as it doesn’t cost eleventy billion dollars and is actually for sale in the US.


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