Mod your ASUS UX32VD from Hybrid, to SSD, for Free!

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A user in the Notebookreview forums has posted a method to split the SSD from the HDD in the  ASUS UX32VD – making it an even more interesting purchase!


ASUS have used a standalone Sandisk i100 SSD soldered on the mainboard as the cache in the ASUS UX32VD rather than an integrated SSD/hard drive and as it appears as a separate disk it’s possible to install Windows onto it.

It’s not a simple process and at 30GB with a so-so performance level it might not suit most people but users have confirmed it’s working. I also want to report that I’ve had good results with ExpressCache on the Samsung Series 5 so what ASUS have done for the stock UX32VD could be the optimal solution unless you go for a full SSD upgrade.

A good set of instructions can be found in the Notebookreview forum so head on over there if you’re interested.

If you’re more interested in a full SSD upgrade on the ASUS UX32VD, grab a 7mm drive and go for it with these instructions here. (Translated from German)

Thanks for the tip.

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  • MP

    Wish they made it easier to swap it out, but they clearly didn’t want it to be changed. The UX32VD uses a SATA 2.5″ SSD, right? But what about the UX31A? I haven’t been able to confirm if it’s a mSATA or not, or if it’s soldered directly onto the board.

    • UX32VD has a 2.5″ SATA HDD plus soldered SSD, I’m not sure about the UX31A off the top of my head. Chippy

      • MP

        Ah okay, thanks!
        I do hope it’s not soldered – more future proof so to speak. I guess we’ll see soon enough ;)

  • TheGreenFoX

    There is also a guide to “full” ssd upgrade here:

    Thinking about doing it myself xD

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  • MP :
    Ah okay, thanks!
    I do hope it’s not soldered – more future proof so to speak. I guess we’ll see soon enough

    The UX31A doesn’t have a soldered on SSD, and uses mSATA. However, there is a warranty sticker preventing you from replacing the SSD, if you want to keep the warranty that is ;)

    • MP

      Thanks for the info! Well, if I get a new laptop it’s either going to be the Samsung 9 or the UX31A. My guess is that changing the SSD will void the warranty in either case. Maybe it might be safer to wait a week or two before changing the SSD just to make sure that everything is the way it should. :)

  • I’ve swapped out my hybrid drive for a samsung 830 SSD & formatted the 30GB drive. Now I have 2 SSDs in my UX32VD. Combine that with a Cas11 ram upgrade and it screams.

  • nijunge

    Dan i want to will the same did you just make a recovery image. Swap and recover?

    Will going for the samsung also and 2+8 Gb

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