Live Session with Samsung Series 9 15″ Ivy Bridge Ultrabook

Posted on 14 June 2012 by

Session is over. Information and videos available here.

Tonight, at 2100 CEST (your timezone here) I’ll be testing the Samsung Series 9 15” ultrabook with the new Ivy Bridge upgrade. It’s a stunning bit of kit but will it stand up to two hours of scrutiny? You can join in, watch the stream, chat and guide the review process by joining us here or via the ‘live’ tab up top.


  • MP

    Loading up with popcorn here. The tension is palpable ;)

    Another great site to keep track of time:

  • Robert

    How ironic me of all people who is always on about the samsung series 9 missed the review .. i managed to catch the closing minutes but i couldnt get a hold on my ustream account so i got dc and missed the op to ask questions .. sigh well thankfully i will get the recorded version and get some info out of it for sure
    hope th zenbook prime gets a review soon..

  • vjachi

    Chippy you had the Titanium Silver color right? There is also Ash Black option, but they both have the same photos…marketing fail I think :)

  • MP

    I checked with my local store, and they said they would get both the ux31a and the Series 9 with 128gb ssd:s only. No 256 option. Is it true? These two are pretty much my only options that Im comfortable with, but without 256gb options I simply wont buy any of them.

    • MP

      The 13.3″ that is. Sorry for the poor English, I’m sleepy :P

      • DavidC1

        There should be one. Here’s the versions from Anandtech’s review:

        The DB71 and DB72 is 13.3-inch with 256GB SSD. It may be that your local store isn’t carrying all or they will later.

      • MP

        Thanks David, I will just have to look around then :)

      • MP

        Update: According to ASUS Sweden, we won’t get the ux31a with 256 OR the ux21a. Bad news to say the least. I guess I can try to buy it abroad, but then there’s the problem with the åäö-keys and the layout. I hope they change their mind.

  • robert

    how did the samsung series 9 do in terms of noise level sound and webcam did chippy go into this yesterday?

  • robert

    Chippy, chippy didd you notice any performance advantage due to the fact that the samsung 9 15 inch has 8 GB ram over and against the usual 4 GB?

  • Chippy

    I’ve written up the session notes and published three videos.
    Check out the information here:
    ..and we’ll continue the conversation there.

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