Samsung Series 5 NP535. Looks like an Ultrabook, is an Ultrathin

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Perfect. One of the first (if not the first) AMD-base ultrathin is on the starting blocks, and it’s built inside the same casing as the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook that is also getting the Ivy Bridge upgrade. This is the perfect opportunity to get side-by-side testing done. How does the Samsung Series 5 NP530 perform against the $100 cheaper Samsung NP535?  We can’t answer that question now but it won’t take long to get some figures an feedback.


AMD Quad-Core A6-4455M Accelerated Processor vs  Intel Core i5-3317U Processor and apart from a basic, non-hybrid HDD, that’s about the only difference we can see from the Samsung sales page.

As far as we can tell, the AMD Trinity A6-4455M is actually a dual-core 17W TDP part. There may be a mistake here but we’ll check with Samsung.

We’ll keep an eye out for those reports and will be adding all the Trinity-based ultrathins to the DB as they appear.


  • A6-4455M is a dual-core model from AMD, the quad-core intended for ultrathins is named A10-4655M with a 25W TDP.

    • joe

      It’s a 1.5 core CPU, haha. Anyway, I’d like to see the battery life vs performance of AMD and Intel based thin and lights. It’d be useful for people choosing their next notebook. That is, if AMD based notebooks really do have lower average power consumption.

  • Adam

    Any plans for an article to showcase the efficiency of Ivybridge Ultrabooks running with the 13 TDP option enabled?


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  • James

    HP is also offering AMD Ultrabooks under Sleekbooks, with some models also offering Intel and I think they already got one model on sale already.

    So wouldn’t seem like this Samsung is the first, but do we call these Ultrabooks or, like HP is doing, call them Sleekbooks?

    • The HP Envy 4t is supposed to have AMD but it’s not listed on their site yet. (USA) It’s funny because they mark it as a sleekbook and only offer Intel versions of it !

      • James
      • Aaron

        From everything I’ve read it sounds like the envy 6t sleekbook will be the only one getting the AMD part, not the envy 4t sleekbook. HP official release info:

        “The HP ENVY Sleekbook—available with either a 14-inch diagonal display and the latest Intel Core processors,(6) or a 15.6-inch diagonal display and the latest AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APU)—boasts up to eight or nine hours of battery life,(4) respectively. With optional discrete graphics on Intel platforms and discrete-class graphics from AMD on AMD platforms, users can create and edit videos quickly and experience incredible gaming and multimedia.”

        The difference between the envy 4t sleekbook and the envy 4t ultrabook is the 32GB mSSD Hard Drive Acceleration Cache.

      • James

        @Aaron, you may be right but it seems we won’t know for sure until June 20th when it’s suppose to go on sale.

        For now it seems HP is initially releasing models with SB and IB only options.

        While for Samsung we’ll have to wait and see when they show up in stores. So the race is on to see who gets first to market.

  • Chippy

    James :

    James. Try configuring that with an AMD processor. I can’t (at least from here in Europe!)

    • James

      You’re right, though it is interesting they offer a…

      “3rd generation Intel Core i5-3317U Processor(1.7 GHz) + Intel HD Graphics 4000”

      for the same price as…

      “2nd gen Intel Core i3-2367M Processor(1.4 GHz) + AMD 2GB Radeon HD 7670M Discrete-Class Graphics”

      With both just +$75 the default configuration price.

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