Toshiba Z930 Specs and Hands-On Video

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The Toshiba Z930 is to be the next generation version of the popular (at least here in the office) Toshiba Z830. Ivy Bridge is clearly the main upgrade here as the design and ports match exactly what was seen on the Z830.

You can find our extensive review of the Toshiba Z830 here but have had some hands-on with the new model. It’s the Portege Z930 they’ve used and it’s got a 256GB SSD which means it probably has the new, faster Toshiba SSD inside. (The low-end SSD model only goes up to 128GB)

Everything else seems that same but remember, in Europe the Portege Z830 also appeared as the Satellite Z830 with a lower-end CPU, no fingerprint reader and a lower price. In some markets there was a glossy screen and in the USA, the mainstream version was known as the Portege Z835 and had a Core i3 inside. We’ll do our best to get all the relevant spec options together for you but in the meantime, take a look at the European Z930 specifications in the database. The latest hands-on videos are embedded over there.


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  • Adam

    They had amazing specs but were super ugly… They didn’t fix what was wrong with it, though. Seems to have not taken any consumer feedback at all.

    Still what looks to be the wobbly screen, shiny cheap-looking plastic, and typical old PC look…. A shame because it’s super light and thin and great hardware for the money.

    Looks like Toshiba is the new Acer now that Acer has moved up scale…


  • Deelatch

    Was seriously expecting a screen resolution bump-up. Toshiba, what happened?

  • Robert

    if toshiba doesnt increase the screen resolution and gets rid of the flimsy flabby design and re-designs their fan and puts in a better ssd i wont consider it .. for the same money i can get a zenbook prime better in all areas (can u sense the bitterness ? i used to consider buying the z830 .. but got dissapointed — unless toshiba gives a a free model, i wont try it)

    • Michael

      I have to warn people here about these so called flimsy screens. They are so thin and flimsy that the LCD inside can crack easily. My LCD just cracked and it cost me a bomb to replace it. There was no bump on the out of the notebook panel and the LCD screen itself had no crack on the outside. It cracked in the inside. This happened probably because there was pressure on the outer panel of the ultrabook.

      So beware buyers. If you buy an ultrabook, be careful. The flimsy ultrabook cover is not like the old fashion notebooks, where, you can even keep a couple of books on it. Today’s ultrabooks are flimsy like hell and gives zero protection to what is inside.

      Chippy, you may want to enlighten your readers on how a thin ultrabook and “break”

      • Jordi

        Very glad to know that is a serious problem. I have broken 2 screens in about 2 month of use Posterge Z930.
        I like to know your contact, as I am trying to complain at international level. Here in Spain they say it is for a rude use, but we all know is for a simple and light design of the cover.
        You will be very helpfull in case this go ahead.
        Contact me by email, please.

      • Gratian

        Same problem here but with a little overheating problem. First it (Z930) overheated at the bezel and then there were lines in the display, after that it begann to flicker and at the end of it the display broke while closing it. Toshiba is making me pay for it, if I don’t go to court.

      • Reviewer691

        My screen for Z930 cracked without obvious reason. It started at the middle of the right side of the screen. There are no scratches externally. The crack is internal. Need to pay around $200 for the replacement. I had the laptop for around 4 months.

        Toshiba claimed that Z930 is tough but the truth is if it were tough, then I do not understand why the screen is not under warranty even for a year.
        In fact, if the screen cracked after one year, consumers would have nothing to say but to pay for the damage. The fact that Toshiba is not giving warranty to the screens says a lot about its confidence of its own products.

  • Chippy

    We are told that a 1600×900 screen is an option. (Source: Toshiba)

  • Chippy

    We are also told by Toshiba that they have worked on stiffening the flex on the screen and that the 256GB SSD is a faster part than the 128GB of the first-gen model.

    • robert

      that sounds very promising if the also do some kardon magic with the sound to match the bang & olafson venture of the zenbook then they would have a great entertainment device, i would love to have:)

    • Fei

      Hope it would not take them too long.

  • Anthony

    Toshiba Z935 is not sold in th retail channel. Oly Toshiba Direct offers Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks. As of 07/04/2012

  • Karl

    If 1600×900 is (optionally) available, and the flimsy thing has been improved, this really looks interesting!

    Like Robert, I was also considering Z830 but got put off by poor screen – and the cheap look, but I could live with that considering the many advantages : light weight, many connections, and the kensington lock that is absolutely essential for me (I work a lot in public places and don’t want to have to take my laptop with me everytime I go pee) and which is so sadly absent from many nice ultrabooks (Asus, Samsung…). Was considering the Fujitsu LifeBook U772 and HP Envy Spectre XT over Asus and Samsung for the k. lock alone, but also got put off by poor screen and specs…

    I also prefer a glossy screen. Personally, I don’t really see the purpose of the matte screen in the first place. Ok, so you can work in the sun. But who wants to work in the sun, really?! I mean after 30min max the computer (and the user!) will be overheated anyway! And in the shade (even outside) I’ve never had problems with a glossy screen, and everything looks so much better with a glossy screen. A matte makes everything look so dull!

    Hence my question: the article mentions the Z830 (and I take it the 930 too therefore) is available with glossy screen IN SOME MARKETS. Which ones? I would really go the extra-mile for this. And where or when could one add the optional 900×1600 resolution? Have not been able to verify this anywhere.

  • Screen Problem

    Jordi :
    Very glad to know that is a serious problem. I have broken 2 screens in about 2 month of use Posterge Z930.
    I like to know your contact, as I am trying to complain at international level. Here in Spain they say it is for a rude use, but we all know is for a simple and light design of the cover.
    You will be very helpfull in case this go ahead.
    Contact me by email, please.

    I just had a cracked screen for Z930. I bought it in August 2012. Toshiba service personnel insisted that I mishandled the laptop.
    As I said, a super lightweight product that is super fragile is a useless product.

    • Patrick Goo

      I bought Toshiba z930 last September. The screen was cracked last week. I went to the technical support and they said the crack was due to my mishandling. It costs me SGD 350!!! I am wondering how to prevent it from crack again. :(

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