Toshiba Announces Budget and Slider Ultrabooks for Windows 8

Posted on 31 August 2012 by

Toshiba formerly announced two new Ultrabooks this morning, taking their total number of individual designs to 5 – a figure that tells us that manufacturers are totally on board with the Ultrabook idea.

The Toshiba Sattelite U920T (U925T in the USA) is the slider device we previewed a few days ago. It’s going to be available some time in the fourth quarter. The second is the Toshiba Sattelite U940 (again, expect U945 in the USA.) As you’d expect, both are WIndows 8 models.

toshiba-u920tToshiba Settelite U940

The U920T “Convertible Ultrabook” is clearly a unique product, and likely to have one of those unique product prices. The 12.5” IPS display is only 1366×768 but there’s Gorillas Glass, up to 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM, Ivy Bridge and a bunch of sensors. GPS, gyrometer, magnetometer, ambient light sensor and accelerometer. No 3G/4G, NFC or Wireless Charging, before you ask! A 1.45GK Weight makes for a very heavy tablet – one of the major drawbacks of the non-separable convertible designs.  As for ports, you’ll get two USB3.0 ports, an SD card reader, headset and HDMI. The Wi-Fi is Wi-Di capable, there’s Bluetooth 4.0 and you’ll get twin web cams. There’s no mention of battery life at all so obviously it’s not a major feature! Here’s Nils, our new product editor, in Berlin with his hands-on and information. He’s managed to get hold of a target retail price – 1149 Euros.



The U940 is quite interesting. Toshiba already have the Satellite U840 as their budget Ultrabook but it seems that the U940 will come with a slightly different design, and a similar price. We’ve got a question out with Toshiba on the strategy here. Will the U840 ever progress to Windows 8, for example?

A basic Ultrabook specification of 14” screen and Ivy Bridge CPUs exists but there are a few interesting specs. For example, there’s a removable battery and access panel. You’ve got a good set of ports (no VGA) and options of up to 16GB RAM and 1TB Hybrid or 256GB SSD. There’s also an option of a Nvidia GeForce 630M. Weight is 1.7KG

Prices start at 599 Euro which is as low as it gets in Europe right now but remember that’s likely to be a basic Core i3 / 4Gb / Hybrid setup.


We’ll get these two into the database ASAP.

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