Perceptual Computing–Minority Report Style

Posted on 12 September 2012 by

My new favorite thing – perceptual computing. Actually it’s hand gestures, object tracking and finger tracking hardware, voice recognition and an SDK we’re looking at here and Intel are pushing it hard. There’s a dev kit a free SDK and I think it’s going to be an important part of computing control in the future – Minority Report style. The hands-on demo here is shown on an Ultrabook.

P1120305  P1120300

The obvious end-game here is that the sensors get built into laptops but Intel and Creative are getting together now to create hardware that can be used to develop applications. Developers will feed back on issues, there’s a chance to standardize on a common set of gestures and in the meantime, we expect the technology to get smaller and for some of the processing to go into silicon. Gaming is one obvious choice (demonstrated in the video below) but there are many other applications.


If you’re a developer you can buy in for $150. You’ll get the SDK and then you’re off. with features like speech recognition (demo), facial analysis, close-range tracking, 2D/3D object tracking with a 720p cam, QVGA IR cam, dual array mics and a 6 inches to 3.25 operating range.

If you’re interested, read the product brief (PDF) and comment below because we’re trying to get a few of these kits for you devs out there and we want to know what you’ll do with a freebie!

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