$799 Touchscreen Acer M5 Ultrabook Launches

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The Acer M5 Timeline U has always been something of a price-setter in the Ultrabook field so it’s no surprise to see a touchscreen enabled version launching at a $799 entry-level price.  In addition, Acer will be offering the interesting Ultrabook-alternative V5 notebook in 14 or 15 inch sizes with a touchscreen.


Acer V5 (left ) and M5 Ultrabook with touchscreen

The Aspire M5-481PT will come with Core i5 Ivy Bridge (3rd-Gen) CPU, 500GB/20GB Hybrid drive and 14 inch touchscreen (we assume the same 1366×768) for $799 in the USA. It weighs 4.6lbs (2.1KG approx.) so it’s by no means the lightest 14”-er out there. The battery size on the original M5 was 54Wh so we assume the new model will have the same. It will be good for around 6hrs of online work.

The M5 touch is going to go head-to head with the Samsung Series 5 13”which will launch with a touchscreen for the same price. The Samsung Series 5 Ultra (NP540U3C-A02UB) only has a Core i3 but it weighs 3.83lbs (1.7KG)

For a slightly cheaper touch-enabled WIn 8 experience take a closer look at the Aspire V5-471P. It won’t have the hybrid hard drive tech as it’s not an Ultrabook but it will cost just $749 in the USA. We assume that’s for a Core i3 version.

There’s two things to take away from the pricing here. Firstly that $799 is likely to be the base RRP level for touch-enabled Ultrabooks. Secondly, if you compare touch and non-touch models, you’re seeing about a $100 premium.

Source: The Verge

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