Lenovo Twist S230U – Convertible Ultrabook for $899

Posted on 22 October 2012 by

Twist S230U 7

The Lenovo Twist / Edge S320U / N3C27 has surfaced. It’s a convertible Ultrabook with 12.5” 1366×768 IPS rotating screen, hybrid hard drive, 48.8Wh battery and a weight of 1.57KG / 3.46lb. Pricing starts at $899 in the USA, around the same in UK pounds and early indications point to about 1050 in Euros.

Looking almost a little old-school with the convertible hinge display the Thinkpad Twist could make an interesting road-warrior machine. Storage, ports, screen all offer good options for usage scenarios. On-screen power, lock, volume and Windows 8 buttons help too. Track Point lovers will be happy with the keyboard!

There’s an SSD version and Core i7 version available but we don’t see any battery options. The 48.8Wh battery should do well for 5-6hrs of working.

The image above is interesting as you’ll see a similar use case to the Yoga, but for a cheaper price.  We get the impression that Lenovo, like many others, are putting out as many designs as possible at launch.

Full specifications, some links, a few videos and your comments in the Ultrabooknews database, Lenovo Thinkpad Twist information page.

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  • Didi

    Should I change my Win 7 ivy bridge ultrabook into Win 8 ultrabook? I Heard that win 8 Ultrabook will have touchscreen features, and i’m curious about it. Should I change my ultrabook?

  • Lucien

    MSRP is $849 for Twist in the US. Did Lenovo increase price?

    On the other hand the Lenovo Yoga 13 can now be pre-ordered from $999 (Core i3). Yoga 13 seems more interesting to me since larger screen with higher resolution and still slightly lighter.

    • Chippy

      $849 is probably the 320GB HDD version right?

  • Dan

    This and the Yoga look so great, but why Lenovo doesn’t want to do Backlit keyboards, I don’t understand!!!!

  • Jordan

    Putting a 1366×768 resolution on an IPS display is like putting ketchup on a filet mignon.

  • guy

    Got any info on the ThinkPad Helix?

    It’s in Chinese.

  • HEZ

    I bought a Lenovo x61t about 4 years ago with the same tickness, weight, battery life but has digitizer input as well. I recall an earlier article about playing down the term “ultabook”.

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