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There’s a new type of laptop in town. It’s fast, fun and flexible and it’s called the Ultrabook Convertible. Intel’s new ads started running at the weekend so we’re guessing that there’s quite a lot of people on the search for more information today.

Welcome new visitors, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the Ultrabook Convertibles in the database along with specs, news, videos and more. We’re updating daily. Click on the image below to see the latest list or read on for an overview of the types of Ultrabook convertibles coming to the market.


ultrabook convertibles

View and compare all the Ultrabook Convertibles here.

The selection of touch and convertible Ultrabooks breaks down into four areas.


Slider Convertibles

This type of Ultrabook Convertible is a single unit device where design looks like a tablet. The screen is able to slide back to reveal a keyboard. Generally the keyboards and mouse pads are a little smaller than with a traditional laptop.

Examples here.


Rotating Screen Convertibles

This type of Ultrabook uses a hinge to rate the screen. They remain single-unit laptops but have two advantages. The hinge doesn’t normally affect the keyboard and mouse area. Rotating screen devices can sometimes be good for presentations on a smaller table.

Examples of ratating screen convertibles here.

Samsung Ativ SmartPC 700T _3_


Dockable Tablets

In this type of design the screen can be removed from the keyboard ‘dock’ and used as a tablet. The advantage is that the tablet is lighter than the single unit solutions although in most cases the built-in battery on the tablet will be smaller than on single-unit designs. Some docking stations include additional batteries that can re-charge the tablet.

Examples of dockable tablets here.


Fixed screen touch Ultrabooks

AS you’d expect, these are traditional laptop-style Ultrabooks that have a touchscreen. They are not convertible.

Examples of fixed screen touch Ultrabooks are here.


For the latest list of devices you can use the interactive Ultrabook database and select the form-factor you are interested in.

For more information on Ultrabooks and their features, see this Ultrabook buyers guide.  If you have questions, the team at Ultrabooknews is waiting for your questions in the Ultrabook forum.

  • Clio

    I think the TaiChi, Yoga and Panasonic AX deserves another category, perhaps called “Clamshell Hinge Convertibles” or something.

    The clamshell hinge often offer enough advantages compared to Rotating Screen Convertibles to be a category on their own, such as no additional weight/complications from hinge mechanisms, no need for long screws so likely be thinner, and more likely to have descrete graphics thrown in for some reason.

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  • tfeltz

    I love the concept of convertible ultrabooks but am disappointed by the fact that they all have 9:16 displays, which is fine for watching videos, but a handicap for serious office work. Reading documents through a narrow slit is both a nuisance and ineffective use of display area; the same goes for displaying vertically framed images. The 3:4 aspect ratio of the iPad is a unique selling point and, despite its limited power and lack of keyboard, may well persuade to choose it over an ultrabook. Waiting for the iPad convertible …

  • 3dfreek

    Love your list!!! I really would like to know what systems have digitizer capability with them. I know a few but if a new column was added that would be great… nice work!

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