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Posted on 14 December 2012 by

Lenovo Thinkpad Twist (36)  The Live video is over but it’s embedded below. I must say that the session didn’t go as planned. At some point the URL got changed and people couldn’t get into the Hangout. Maybe we’ll try again soon but it was certainly not as good as the Ustream sessions we’ve run where people like to chat and don’t need to put their face up on video. I’ll look into restoring the original method.

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  • Robert

    I was unaware of this broadcast until after the fact, I would have loved to have put my cam up and chatted :-) glad to hear you plan to give the whole thing another go … I somehow missed it this week.

  • Robert

    I am sorry if this is beside the topic .. but my new ultrabook ( 13 inch samsung series 9 ivy bridgw i5 128 ssd) not having a dvd drive (while i am planning to get one soon) I would like to start putting my DVD collection on hardrive … can anyone recommend me the best option as far as dvd back up software goes, Chippy I am curious what you are using ?

    • I gave up on that project. 1) because there’s a question about legality and i’m, in a very small way, a public figure that can’t take risks like that. 2) It takes forever!!!

      For re-rendering, something like Cyberlink Media Espresso is my favorite as it really pulls a lot of speed from the Intel Quick Sync subsystem. As for ripping, you’re on your own, sorry.

  • robert

    I am sorry if I put you in an akward Position with my question. I never would want to do anything shady or ask for questionable advice. Would I not be within my rights to save the DVD Content of my own DVD onto my Laptop for backup or viewing pleasure? If that´s not allowed I wont bother it is not a pressing issue. Maybe the word “ripping” is not the right word. Sorry to even have brought it up .. I didnt realize this question was such a hornest nest when I fired it of .. I shall Keep questions more ultrabook related in the future .. thank you for your Patience.

  • artaman

    This is an off-topic question so my apologies beforehand.

    Can someone comment on how much RAM a default installation of Windows 8 32bit and Windows RT consume when they are fired up?

    All ARM and Atom tablets/hybrids appear to come with 2GB RAM non upgradable so I am trying to get an idea on how close to the RAM limit you are without even running anything…

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