ASUS Re-Markets Transformer Book, TaiChi, Zenbook Touch

Posted on 07 January 2013 by

ASUS’s latest marketing tagline is becoming a bit of a joke now. The Transformer Book, TaiChi and Zenbook Touch have been in our database for months and months ASUS. Just get the damn things out there. We’ve searched for long enough!


The ASUS media showroom at CES 2013 has been open for an hour now so stay tuned for more availability information from the reporters out there.

Latest information in our database…

ASUS Transformer Book

ASUS Taichi 21 and 31

ASUS Zenbook Touch


Full Press Release

ASUS Transformer Book — the fully featured notebook with detachable tablet

ASUS Transformer Book is a powerful Windows 8 ultraportable that’s both tablet and notebook, thanks to its versatile dockable design. When portability is paramount, ASUS Transformer Book is a thin and lightweight 13.3-inch tablet with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor. Its 128GB SSD provides ample storage for Windows 8 apps and data, while the Full HD multi-touch display features IPS technology for brilliant colors and wide viewing angles. When extra productivity is needed, ASUS Transformer Book quickly connects to its supplied dock to become a compact and fully featured notebook with backlit keyboard, large touchpad and separate hard drive with up to 500GB capacity. The dock also features its own battery for extended mobile use and a comprehensive array of ports, including USB 3.0.

  • Ben Lang

    Classic Asus… announced more than 7 months ago and there’s still no word on pricing or availability. A long search indeed!

  • CJ

    CDW has the Transformer Book on their website today though the availability says “Call.” I was hoping that, with it being released this late would mean that it gets the Haswell i7, but it’s still listed with the Ivy Bridge 3517.

  • Tea

    This is possibly one of the few sites that actually states how old this news about the Taichi, Tranformer Book etc etc is! These names have been imprinted into my mind for ages now! Asus needs to stop this “re-marketing” nonsense and release these beauties already!! I have waited long enough for the Transformer Book to release already!! *whine whine* :(

    • It annoys me that many tech sites are reporting this as new news.
      We’ll stay true here as we’ve got fingers on the pulse!!!
      Thanks for the feedback.


      • Yeah… I made an appointment with Asus today, but I just skipped it in order to make it to the Intel press conference instead.

        When they told me last week that there was nothing new to introduce at CES I almost didn’t believe them… but it looks like they really weren’t kidding.

        It is weird how many other sites are just reporting on the latest press releases as if they were news though. I kept wondering if I was missing something.

  • alex

    Since June of 2012 when for the first time i see the Asus Transformer Book in Taipei and then again in August in Berlin,and then officially in late October Asus announce the tablet pc,you are now January of 2013 and still nothing at all more than 7 mounts since then and you still waiting to see the Book in some store.
    Why Asus such unacceptable policy?
    I really wonder how they works out there on the company.
    I’m really furious.
    I found in France the Asus Transformer Book the i5 version for 1200 euro and i make an pre-order since 9th of December and told me that earlier than January 31 will not be released.
    Maybe in the February if i am lacky.
    This is absolute madness 8 whole months from the announcement until the release.

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