Dell Inspiron 15Z Touch, Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch. Double Unboxing (and drop test!)

Posted on 07 February 2013 by


The Dell Inspiron 15z Touch is here for a review (with an Nvidia GT630M GPU) and out of the blue, a Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch (with SSD) turned up today too so as is the law around these parts, I unboxed them for you. Actually I took 15 minutes to take a good look at both and, ahem, dropped the Samsung Series 5 in the process!

I’ll get down to writing a first impressions post soon so let me leave you with the video. There’s a longer video followed by two short overview videos. Take a quick look at the first one to learn how not to unbox an Ultrabook!

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch specs, videos, links, pricing, comments.

Dell Inspiron 15Z Touch specs, videos, links, pricing, comments.

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