Dell XPS 13 gets Hi-res screen next week

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Dell’s XPS 13 has been available for a while and has been well received but a couple of features were not as well liked as others. Next week an updated version of the Ultrabook will be available which addresses one of the major  perceived shortcomings and adds a few other related improvements as well.

Dell XPS13

When originally released the  XPS13 came with a 1366×768 screen resolution that seemed out of place on a premium Ultrabook but starting next week the PC will be available with an upgraded to a 1920×1080 resolution. Along with the higher resolution screen Dell also states there will be improvements to the screen including an increase in the viewing angle to 178 degrees, increased brightness at 350 nits from the current 300 and an increased color gamut at 72% over the 45% in the lower screen res version.

At the moment PC manufacturers are starting to embrace higher resolution screens in their Ultrabooks and with the new XPS13 Dell is positioned to compete on the same playing field as Acer, Asus and Samsung.

The hi-res XPS13 will start at $1,299 and goes on sale from next Tuesday.


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  • Tyrone

    Is it still glossy?
    The photo looks as if it is.
    That would be a real pity, especially since Intel made touchscreens – which will all be glossy for the foreseeable future – a requirement for Ultravooks, so it will be even harder to find a good matte screen on an ultrabook-like device.

    • Yeah, this is a bit of an issue. I’ll be on the lookout for the first non-glossy capacative touchscreen although I sometimes feel that matt screens can scatter light where you can turn a glossy screen away from a light source reflection,.

      Also remember that you can add matt screen covers to a glossy screen but you can’t make a matt screen glossy.

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  • tidelee

    Active digitizer or not? im looking for a 12′-14′ full HD i5 with active digitizer, very hard to find,…

    • efjay

      Nope, no digitizer option, capacitive touch only.

  • Marc

    1080p on a 13″ screen? No thanks. I’d rather not pay a premium to get a subpar experience under the Windows desktop.

    Plus, I’m staying away from Dell until I know what there plans are with going private. For all I know, they could drop their Linux initiative or do something more drastic that would cause grief to existing users.

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