LG H160 Sider Hands-On by Chippy

Posted on 27 February 2013 by


I’ve had a chance to spend time with the LG Clovertrail-based slider, the H160. It’s the only Clovertrail device where the screen is separate for the Clovertrail platform.

It’s a lightweight, good looking device with a good set of ports but there are two issues to consider. Firstly, moving parts. Secondly, the battery capacity is relatively small. Like most of the super-light Ultrabooks it’s not got the longest battery life.

The LG H160 is in our database here. Click through for more information.

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  1. Leonardo says:

    Really I would love to have on and run Linux on it. Probably Ubuntu or Fuduntu. I love the ide of having a touch screen, because I do a lot of graphics work under Linux and carring around a Drawing tablet is a pain maybe a touch screen computer would solve that issue :)

  2. vps says:

    This blog is great. I realy like it!

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