Out with the old, In with the Ultrabook.

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2013-01-09-1339You’ll be amazed at how big, fat and heavy even recent laptops look and feel after you’ve been using thin and light Ultrabooks. Here’s one my wife’s company is still using – I nearly laughed my £^$% off when I saw it!

Intel are capitalizing on this with a brilliant new ad. I’m sure it will strike a chord with many. The short video is called Kids and it’s embedded below. “Out with the old, In with the Ultrabook.” We couldn’t agree more.

  • Ben Lang

    Reminds me of the plot of Toy Story 3! Pretty good ad, get’s the point across quick about how cool some of the Ultrabook convertibles are — I wish they hadn’t cut in the middle of the Yoga’s transition from Ultrabook to tablet, it is a bit jarring and might be hard on a first pass for some people to see what just happened!

  • Ghost

    At least the old laptops had enough connections…

    • Brandon

      You mean physical connections? Stuff like serial ports and parallel ports? vga? ethernet?

      Join us in the 21st century. wireless is the future. Ultrabooks are meant to be ultra portable, if you need more than 2 usb ports on the go, you’re ultrabooking wrong. When at home, use a hub.

      What are people connecting to their laptops that 2-3 usb ports isn’t enough these days?

      • jack

        I don’t want 2-3 hubs. I don’t want 1 hub.

  • JohnCz

    Omg, serial & parallel ports. Even a used laptop from the last 3-4 years would be an upgrade.

  • My wife was asking me why she couldn’t connect to our WiFi network. It turned out that there was no WiFi built-in. Can you imagine that!!!

  • Robert

    This add will have a sour reception from recently devorced or ditched girlfriends;) taking about risky adverts lol

  • jack

    Looks like an extremely old Latitude. What does she do for a company to let her keep using a notebook that’s probably more than 5 years old? My IT department has a 3 year cycle for PCs since servicing old ones actually cost more and software usually requires more resources by that time.

    My company uses Latitudes, Precisions and EliteBooks and they are still somewhat thick. That’s probably because they’re more rugged. Remember MIL-STD compliance doesn’t mean they’re all the same in ruggedness. That is, if it even means anything at all.

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