ASUS Transformer Book Trio–Dual Intel CPUs for Dual OS Usage

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ASUS Transformer Book Trio_2

This is a breakthrough device. ASUS has taken the Transformer Book idea and squeezed in two CPUs (Intel Atom, Intel 4th Gen Core i7) along with two operating systems (Windows and Android)

Transformer Book Trio 2Transformer Book Trio


ASUS Transformer Book Trio_1

Specs include a Full HD 11.6-inch screen, dual storage of 1TB and a 64GB eMMC flash module and two batteries totalling about 50Wh. There’s also a desktop PC screen. No details are available on that but it could be a WiDi-based product.

Processor details:

  • Intel Core i7 4500U (Haswell)
  • Intel Atom Z2580

There are a lot of unanswered questions right now that we’ll try and get the answers for.

  • Is the storage shared?
  • Can the tablet be used with Windows? Answer: No. The Tablet only runs with Android.
  • Is it an Ultrabook?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Can the two operating systems run concurrently?

Transformer Book Trio 3

Here’s a section of the press release.

ASUS Transformer Book Trio — transforming expectations for notebooks
The ASUS Transformer Book Trio is the world’s first three-in-one mobile device. With an 11.6-inch detachable display and dual operating systems, Transformer Book Trio transforms mobile flexibility by switching effortlessly between a Windows 8 notebook, Android tablet and Windows 8 desktop PC. Transformer Book Trio switches easily between operating systems to give users access to over 700,000 apps in the Google Play Store and over 50,000 apps in the Windows Store.

Despite the different operating systems, the Transformer Book Trio has been designed to smoothly transition between modes, allowing users to sync data or continue to surf the webpage they’re on even when moving from notebook to tablet mode.

The PC Station dock has its own 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, keyboard and 750GB hard drive, and with the tablet display detached, can be hooked up to an external display for use as a desktop PC. The PC Station also serves as a charger for the tablet for extended battery life. The tablet features a 2.0 GHz Intel® Atom™ processor and a 16:9 aspect ratio IPS display with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and up to 64GB storage.

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  • ibbadib


    That shit is crazy :)

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  • Clio

    Ah, didn’t expect to see this so soon… Well done ASUS.

    • Just because they are showing it off does not mean it is gonna be soon…Asus might not release it for another 9 months if I know them right..

  • Clio

    God, I’m getting too excited over this…

    One more unanswered question:
    How much will it weight?

    • Clio

      Ohh.. Another one:
      – Will it have Wacom or N-trig?

  • Sil

    Don’t see the point of this gadget.
    One certainly doesn’t need 2 processors to run multiple operating systems and you loose all the value added by having 1 os per usage;
    It would be much better for example to work on office 2013 in laptop mode then to be able to continue working in tablet mode.
    To me it’s like the taichi (and if history is any guide this transformer will be available 1 year after the supposed announced availability), it is extremely sexy at first but there are too many compromises that render the device useless.
    I would much rather have a state of the art tablet or a state of the art ultrabook.

    • Clio

      You see, there is absolutely no reason the Laptop part MUST suspend or shutdown as soon as you remove the tablet part. And then, even if it’s not using WiDi Pro between the laptop and tablet (, you can still remote-desktop back into the Laptop part using android apps such as Splashtop, so you CAN continue working on that MS Office application. But that’s not really the point.

      With this Android+Haswell Laptop setup, you’ll have a laptop that last for 15+Hours for common tasks such as Emails, Calendar app, Web browsing, Note-taking, social networking, photo touch-up, Movies, light gaming, etc. All the while, the Haswell is sleepng with one eye open, and will wake up in just seconds when you need it to do some serious work.

      In other words, it’s very likely a 1.6Kg notebook that’ll survive one full day of use for a lot of people.

  • Jojo

    Eh, would have been nice if it were like ARM’s big.LITTLE design. Android on non-smartphons/phablets isn’t that useful. At least my Nexus 7 isn’t that great other than playing around with Ubuntu touch and custom ROMs.

  • guy

    Definitely seems cool. Kind of like that ARM based Puck computing module JKK was connected with. However, I doubt this will take off. That is if it actually gets released. Too big for a tablet like the rest of the hybrids. Probably out of most people’s budgets too. Sharing and switching between the OS’s needs more clarification but seems like it’s going to be a hassle.

    I wonder how long the Android side will get updates.

  • Adam

    This is just stupid.
    Why on God’s green earth would I want to run two separate OSes with two separate app platforms and two separate sets of apps? What a waste…

    This is about as useful as some of the NES Nintendo’s gimmicky controllers such as the “U-Force” and Robby the Robot…


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