New Driver for Intel HD Graphics 4000+ Iris 5100, and Iris Pro 5200

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As part of their regular improvements to drivers, Intel has released a new HD Graphics driver that applies to all Ivy Bridge and Haswell Ultrabooks. The new driver fixes a number of bugs and enhances game and program compatibility.

Intel regularly releases new drivers to increase performance, security, and compatibility. The latest driver update for Intel HD Graphics ( was released just last week. While there’s no major changes to performance in this patch, Intel has made a number of game-specific bug fixes and it’s recommended that everyone with compatible hardware apply the update.

The update applies to all Ivy Bridge and Haswell Ultrabooks which could have any of the following: Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4200, 4400, 4600, 5000, Iris 5100, and Iris Pro 5200. This update does not apply to first generation (Sandy Bridge) Ultrabooks with HD 3000 graphics.

We recommend using Intel’s automatic updater to get the driver (in case there is a new one by the time you are reading this). Some Ultrabooks come with OEM-modified drivers which are not always properly detected by the Intel automatic updater. If that’s the case, you can download the current latest driver here (be sure to check for a newer version if you’re reading this more than a month after the published date). Be aware that OEM-modified drivers may have specific tuning for power/heat purposes, and those modifications will be lost if you use Intel’s generic driver.

You can find detailed patch notes here.

  • DavidC1

    There’s no point of the driver update for Convertible users. The drivers for XPS 12 and Yoga is still suck at pre-October 2012 driver.

    While you can use the Intel drivers, you have to manually rotate the screen when in other modes. With manufacturer default drivers, XPS 12 and Yoga would turn on their own, and remember their last position as well.

    This is a rather annoying issue.

  • Ascariss

    Tried the update on my Pro 13 and it will not work it states the driver is not valid for the computer. Not sure why it is like this, it worked before on my S13A.

  • Strange Mix
  • Onesolo

    3257 ??? ahaha, I’m now on the 3304…

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