HP Spectre X2 Pro – fanless Transformer Book rival

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Another of HP’s recently revealed Ultrabooks is the 2- in-1 hybrid the HP Spectre X2 Pro,  a 13″ detachable tablet with keyboard dock very similar in design to the Asus Transformer Book while offering fanless operation and a battery equipped keyboard dock.



The HP Spectre X2 Pro (AKA the Spectre 13 X2 in the US) will be released in Europe and is the first fanless Haswell Ultrabook to go on sale. It’s equipped with an aluminum casing and features HP’s CoolSense technology for monitoring temperatures and adjusting accordingly. Core i3 or i5 Haswell CPU’s are offered as options with RAM available in 4 or 8GB configurations. The display is a 13″ full HD 1080p Radiance part which incorporates HP’s TrueVision HD webcam.

Storage options are a bit limited, offering only the choice of 64GB or 128GB SSD’s and while the keyboard dock doesn’t offer any additional storage it does include that extra battery for longer runtimes. Coupled with the claimed 7.5 hours of the tablet part the total runtime is said to be 10 hours.

Not unexpectedly for a 13″ tablet weight comes in at about 4.5 pounds with the keyboard dock attached but the larger screen size does allow for a bigger keyboard that will be more comfortable for typing.

The Spectre X2 Pro’s availability is expected in November for a price starting at €999 and in the US on October 16 starting at $1,099.99


Spectre 13

  • hez

    If active digitizer would also be on board, I would be tempted to try something new (fanless) even if it is 2 kgs.

    10,6″ or 11,6″ besides let’s 1,6 / 1,75 kgs respectively would also be tolerable.

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  • M-J Jones

    Where is the digitizer/pen? I have a 2730p which I love. Would appreciate a split model as replacement. Why is HP sending me to Lenovo or Fujitsu?

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