ASUS Transformer Book Duet. Do You Dual?

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Update: Announced at CES2014…yes it does!

ASUS are likely to announce a dual-OS dockable tablet tomorrow and it’s going to create quite some discussion about Android / Windows devices. It’s not that we haven’t seen variations on this (for years now) but as it’s CES, it’s ASUS and it’s two hot topics it’s bound to create a stir.

Via Tabtech (German) we learn that a promo video for the TD300 was leaked and quickly removed. Screenshots were taken though (Source: and it turns out that this product will switch from Windows to Android in about 8 seconds. That’s way better than a dual-boot system but likely to be a Insyde-like standby solution.  The problem with that is that there won’t be any active-standby on the ‘standby’ OS. 8-second switching also means it’s not likely to be used very often.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Weight and pricing will be key. If ASUS have priced this down into the consumer segment it could be interesting but the feeling right now is that this will be a premium product that might not find much of an audience.

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