0.00008% Chance of False Authentication – Fujitsu PalmSecure

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Over at UMPCPortal last week I took a long look at Windows 8 security features. One of the weak-points in my opinion is authentication. It’s single-channel, requires no proof of ‘personal presence’ and it leaves the user to choose the level of security. Poor passwords are a killer and as a result I’ve been looking at alternative and two-stage solutions. PalmSecure is a palm-vein detection technology and it’s pretty much the best technology out there for laptops right now.

PalmSecure has been around for at least a year as a physical entrance authentication mechanism but Fujitsu have now managed to build it into an Ultrabook. The Fujitsu U904 is now available to order with the technology at a $50-or-so premium over the fingerprint reader. Although it’s incredibly secure, it’s also extremely easy to use.  Take a closer look at it in the video below.



More information on PalmSecure is available via Fujitsu USA.

  • tesaguy

    That’s nice, but the windows password still exists as backup solution. So the windows password better should be difficult.

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