Lenovo X1 Tablet. That keyboard!

Posted on 15 March 2016 by

I don’t know how Lenovo did it but they have. The Lenovo X1 Tablet keyboard is amazing, and an engineering highlight. It’s got that classic Thinkpad feel of silky key-tops and solid, confidence-inspiring mechanics. There’s a touchpointer, mechanical mouse buttons and a touchpad. There’s even a backlight. Video overview, including the Lenovo X1 tablet itself, below.

This is the first time I’ve had hands-on with the Lenovo X1 Tablet and I wish I’d had more time to explore its features. There’s a Core m CPU inside that I want to test for throttling and because the 36 Wh battery is smaller than you find on similar tablets I would like to see how efficient it is because Core m load performance depends heavily on good thermal engineering. [Note: The battery report shows that the battery had 3 Wh more than a nominal 36 Wh capacity. Lenovo’s official capacity is 37 Wh.]


What I saw in my 15 minutes with the Lenovo X1 Tablet was good and of course I would expect everything else to be up to the same standard but it needs detailed testing before the thumbs-up is given.

I like the stand, I like the screen (2K resolution, colors, contrast, brightness) and of course I like the keyboard. As I type this on a Surface Pro 3 with the Type Cover 3 keyboard I wonder how much faster I could get this article done with a Lenovo X1 Tablet.

Storage, Lenovo says, goes up to 1TB SSD and you’ll find a rare 16 GB RAM option too. Naturally you’ll be paying the price for that. You’ll also have to balance 16 GB RAM with the limitations of the Core m CPU. I you really need 16 GB of RAM, will you be happy with the Core m CPU? Maybe the Surface Pro 4 with a new Type Cover keyboard is a better choice there.

Total weight, with that amazing keyboard, is about 1.1 KG. Tablet weight is 800 grams which is nowhere near as light as the Huawei Matepad, another 12-inch tablet I need to test ASAP.

The X1 Yoga, a more consumer oriented ‘X1’, ┬áis going through the review process at Notebookcheck right now but I will see if I can push for the X1 Tablet soon. I’ve heard that samples are on their way to Lenovo Germany. In the meantime, enjoy the video.

  • Paul Phillips

    Better even than the Surface Book keyboard? The X1 doesn’t look very lapable either.

    • All this ‘lapable’ stuff is bull. I’ve sat in many airports, with a SP3 and keyboard, typing away without any issue. Sure, of course, many might have an issue but you just keep your legs together and the world is fine.

  • David Simpson

    I see in the pictures you tried the pen. What was it like? Any chance you check for jitter or anything?

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