Founder UMPC prices are available.

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Prices for the Founder mininote seem to be up on their Chinese website.
A translation reveals the following: (From [url=]google translation[/url])

Mr Mininote (VUM400-410 (black)) ICP-M ULV 900M (353) /256M DDR 2/30G/802.11 USB/WINXP (H) 7999 Purchase
Mr Mininote (VUM400-400 (black)) P-M ULV 1G (723) /256M DDR 2/30G/802.11 USB/WINXP (H) 11999 Purchase
Mr Mininote (VUM400-420 (black)) P-M ULV 1G (723) /512M DDR 2/60G/802.11 USB/WIN XP (H) 12888 Purchase

The cheapest looks like a Celeron 900Mhz, 256M at the equivalent of 831 Euro ($989), A Pentium-M 1Ghz at 1250 Euro ($1488) and the same model with 512MB for 1340 Euro ($1595). Its also available in Red. Actual product prices are obviously going to be different in the rest of the world.

There have been rumors that the device has only a two hour battery life and that doesnt suprise me as the Celeron-M has no speed-stepping clock so is the most power-hungry. The Pentuim-M option looks expensive. The device comes with a keyboard (called a ‘Wimple Keyboard in the translation!!) and a 1.3Mp cam.

Some more spec info below…Processors
Intel ® ULV Celeron ® 900MHz (Dothan core)
Intel ® ULV Pentium ® 1GHz (Dothan core)
Intel ® ULV Pentium ® 1GHz (Dothan core)
Operating system Yuzhuang genuine Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Family Edition
Chips Group Intel ® 915 GMs chips Group
Memory 256MB/512MB DDRII memory
Display System
Led 7 “W
Hard disks 30G
I/O ports 1 power interface
1 microphone Hub –
Hub-1 headset
2 USB 2.0 interfaces
1 triple its card readers
Cost of reproduction machine interfaces
Wireless Internet Embedded modules and Laya 802.11b/g wireless cards can function through 开通GPRS mobile phone or wireless LAN to the Internet Laya visit
Keyboard Wimple keyboard (matching)
Camera head 1.3 million pixels
Batteries 3 core smart lithium ion battery
Gifts Joylink software
Size About 225.5mm (W) x 144mm (D) x 23/25mm (H) (thinnest)
Weight About 830g (weight value for your reference, the actual weight will be a configuration / different materials such changes)
Prices 7999/11999/12888

Availability is unknown but the ordering page/shopping cart seems to work. Anyone brave enough?

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