Gartner report negative about Origami products.

Posted on 15 March 2006, Last updated on 23 February 2019 by

They’re saying a lot of whats already been said but it carries a fair bit of weight when Gartner says it.

[url=]gottabemobile[/url] highlighted the Gartner report today where they talk about sub $400 pricing and 8 hour battery life. :-o

Take a look at the report which should still be available [url=]at the gartner website.[/url]

[quote]Today, we believe it isn’t possible to produce compelling ultra mobile PC products — just “proofs of concept.” The low battery life, high price and non-Vista operating system will likely hurt the UMPC’s market acceptance in this first go-round, and the negative backlash could damage its future chances. For these reasons, we question the timing of this launch: Why rush this to market
before it is ready to succeed? Despite the promise of this device category, the ultra mobile PC as currently conceived will fail to achieve mainstream success — defined as unit sales in the millions rather than the thousands — by 2009 (0.8 probability).[/quote]

It may be a bit too early to market but its good that someones had the courage to do it on a bigger scale. Its stirred every manufacturer up in the ultra mobile PC space and we’re going to see better devices sooner because of it.

Let us know what you think in the [url=]forum thread.[/url]

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