Nokia’s chance (2006)

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I like Andy Diller’s train of thought in his brief blog about Origami against Nokia.
I too feel that Nokia has an excellent chance here as Origami runs the risk of over-stretching itself in terms of capability. The rumors of gaming capability will please Nokia somewhat in that it implies cpu power. Cpu power = cost, energy, heat.
The 770 is coming in from a different angle with the concept pretty much already sold to a large number of people. There are shouts of ‘bring us the 880’ already and if Origami goes in at the high-end of the rumor specifications, the door is open for Nokia to put something in at the low end and to pull customers through from the smartphone market. Nokia 880 would be the smartphone companion. Origami would be the PC companion. They would both be competing in the same market with a different angle and it will be a really interesting fight.
Of course, we could see Mr Jobs come in from the lifestyle angle and clean up.

One of the best things to come out of this whole 2-week rumour campaign is the focus that this sector of the market is getting and the competition that will arise from it.

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