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Asus R2H Release Information (updated)

Posted on 31 May 2006


From the “we should have reported this earlier and didn’t” department comes news from [url=][/url] that the Asus R2H has been delayed from release until July or August.

Asus’s product manager Alvin Chou said, “The performance and reliability of the machines, particularly in boosting the gaming experience and battery life, are being maximized to offer users a much better overall experience.” The company is also working on getting better specs in time for the release in the system.

According to Asus they will also be using their Power4 Gear + technology on their battery and say it will give them 30 minutes more over the Samsung Q1.

As for price they also revealed that the system will be under $1,000 and are trying to hit under $900. The system will include a version with and without GPS built in so there will be cheaper models available.

[update- Chippy] I’ve spotted on [url=,1205,l=&s=1582&a=179311&po=10,00.asp][/url] that the Asus was spotted at WinHEC “listing it’s UMPC with an Intel Core Duo processor.”
[update2 02.06.06 21:31 CET] ASUS Germany have told us that the CORE DUO STORY is not true. “Die Aussage mit dem Intel Duo Core Prozessor stimmt nicht.” (The story about the core duo processor is not true.) Shame. The excitement was good while it lasted!

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Euro laptop prices squeeze UMPC market tighter.

Posted on 31 May 2006

The 500- Euro laptop has arrived in Europe. (Yes, you may laugh now if you’re a North American consumer) Through we have just learned that the laptop/notebook price wars in Europe are continuing and the price has just broken through the 500 Euro ($650) barrier. This means trouble for the consumer ultra mobile PC market in Europe as the price differential between like-for-like spec laptops and UMPC’s gets wider. […]

Paceblade Easybook P7 video

Posted on 30 May 2006

This is more of a test post really, but i’m publishing here a short video sequence I made of the Paceblade Easybook P7. No commentary included! Actually the video is pretty, no, make that ‘very’ boring but if you’re thinking about buying the Paceblade, you might want to see the Paceblade on-screen keyboard, a video running and an old version of Need for Speed (was still fun!). The more entertaining […]

UMPC watch list – Summer 2006.

Posted on 30 May 2006

The summer of Ultra-Mobile PC’s is hotting up despite the rain continuing to fall here in Cologne, Germany. Just what we need for the World Cup starting in just over a week! Having put the new portal live, its time to re-visit some of the rumours and teasers in the ultra mobile PC world and get my RSS filters set up! Here’s the watch-list and some highly accurate guesswork (!) […]

PaceBlade EasyBook P7 Review

Posted on 29 May 2006

Steve Paine over at [url=][/url] has just posted a nice [url=]in depth review of the PaceBlade EasyBook P7[/url].

Now that these devices are available in Europe and look like a viable buy for UMPC purchasers his review is a welcome review for people thinking about picking one up.

Paceblade P7 review and new portal goes live

Posted on 29 May 2006

I’m very pleased to be able to report that we’ve just launched a new portal and gallery for ultra mobile PC devices. On the new portal you’ll find easy access to all our previously published reports along with RSS and search facilites. (I’m still migrating some from the blogger journal into the new portal) Also available is the first of our ultra mobile PC reviews – The Paceblade Easybook P7 […]

New UMPC Prototypes Shown at WinHec 2006

Posted on 29 May 2006


[url=][/url] sent me a link to some [url=,25602.html]new images[/url] they got from WinHec this past week.

Microsoft had a lot of stuff to say about the new UMPC devices and how they feel the form factors will be changing in the next couple years. (As well as a bunch of Vista info.)

One of the more interesting pictures they showed was the Xbox controller looking device that supposedly is a gaming style UMPC. Though Microsoft pointed out that they would not be creating this device they were hoping the manufacturers would design UMPCs like that.

They also showed a media UMPC:

I started looking online for some other pictures and I found this picture on from a user named [url=]ratsini[/url] that showed what looks to be an AMD UMPC.


For more pictures including a GPS enabled UMPC check out the [url=] image gallery[/url]

Also Microsoft has WinHec keynotes speeches and info [url=]on their website[/url]

[b]Update May 31st:[.b] Jeff from [url=]Apex Software[/url] pointed out that the “AMD UMPC” is actually a tablet from

Thanks Jeff

What we’re watching / Site news.

Posted on 27 May 2006

There’s no point hiding information. Google will find it sooner or later. With that in mind, i’ve decided to cut out the middle man and share my UMPC-related OPML file. For those that don’t know what an OPML file is, its basically a list of RSS/Atom feeds in a file that you can import into RSS news aggregators. Its the list of feeds I watch to keep myself updated with […]

TabletKiosk eo Battery Fix

Posted on 27 May 2006


[url=]John Tokash[/url] received an email from Martin at [url=]TabletKiosk[/url] with an update on the battery life issues the eo has been having. A fix has been found, and it will require eo owners to send their UMPC into TabletKiosk’s offices for the update to take place. Apparently, there were some issues with defective cords and capacitors with the initial production run.

For more info, and the full email from Martin, check out [url=]Tokash’s Blog[/url].

Tablet Kiosk eo battery life. Hardware problem confirmed.

Posted on 27 May 2006

As I suspected after the collaborative testing effort with the Tablet Kiosk eo, one of the two battery life problems was related to hardware. John Tokash has reported that TK have found a problem: we have identified a set of defective cords / capacitors on the initial production run causing the high power drain Tracing faulty components is an extremely difficult task and as a reseller, TK will have had […]

Sony Vaio VGN-UX50 Review

Posted on 26 May 2006

[url=””][img][/img][/url] just did [url=]a review of the Sony UX50[/url] and they posted some mixed reactions to it.

The reviewer liked the port replicator that doubles as a cradle and sports three USB 2.0 ports, one FireWire port, a 15-pin D-sub for connecting a monitor and an Ethernet port.

Also there is a video of the startup from standby which seemed pretty fast.

However the reviewer did say that the keyboard needed better tacticle feedback and needed to be less cramped to be useful.

The author also seems concerned at the small screen size saying that it is hard to look at for extended periods of time.

On a different note, [url=””]Sony[/url] has the [url=]UX listed[/url] on its site for $1,799.99 and the full product specs sheet can be found on their site [url=]here[/url]

VIA says hold off on buying a UMPC

Posted on 26 May 2006


Anton_nym [url=]posted a link[/url] in our [url=]forums[/url] to a story on that is claiming VIA is saying that consumers should hold off on getting a UMPC becasue the systems were rushed to market.

Colin Brix, the chipset platform group international marketing specialist was quoted as saying, ‘Some of the first models we are seeing are not at their optimum,’ he said.’The technology is there, but for early devices they are really rushed.’

He also claimed that the manufactuers are the ones driving up the cost on the PaceBlade and the TabletKiosk eo, ‘We sell the chips cheaper [than Intel]. Whether [manufacturers] want to save that cost and pass it on to customers – that’s their choice.’

This is a strange comment from the chip manufacturer of the devices, since it seems that it could stop people from buying the VIA based devices. Though I suppose trying to save face when a system makes your chip look bad may also be a good way to play it. (If you don’t want them to use your chip any longer)

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