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Hugo and Neil. Podcast from the future.

Posted on 30 November 2006

I’m listening to a podcast that was announced on Hugo’s blog tomorrow! Dr Neil’s Notes #31 is live.  There’s plenty of ultra mobile PC application talk and all the usual banter. Sometimes I wish these were live because I always want to join-in. Guys. I’ve dropped ie7 and here’s my applications list that I use on a daily basis to perform my work on Carrypad. (My ultra mobile PC is my main […]

Dr Neils Notes. Talking UMPCs

Posted on 30 November 2006

Dr Neil and Hugo Ortega are back together for another of their frank and passionate discussions.
This time they’re talking about applications for the UMPC.

Its a great podcast and you can find it [url=]here.[/url]

Canola media player for Nokia 770.

Posted on 30 November 2006

PocketPC’s have been used as media devices for years. I used to load up 128MB of Mp3’s for a days listening on my Cassiopeia E-115 and even used it for QCIF videos for a while until I got bored of the video conversion process. Now of course, we expect full media players on our devices and it looks like the Nokia 770 has just got what it deserves, a nicely […]

TabletKiosk i7210 long-term test.

Posted on 30 November 2006

The i7210. How does it feel after 2 months?


[quote]I have been extremely impressed and a little surprised at how easily it has fulfilled the desktop role and how capable it is with many many tasks. [/quote]

sounds good…

[quote]No device is perfect though and I want to review these issues now because potential buyers need to be aware that these issues are still outstanding.[/quote]

sounds not so good!

Full details at Carrypad – [url=]i7210 long term test notes[/url]

Possible continuation of Dell PocketPCs. Via PocketPCThoughts #3

Posted on 30 November 2006

Here’s some information about new Dell Axims. The info comes from Brighthand and I have to say ‘well done’ to Ed Hardy who spotted this. There was one important line in an IDC report: The company [Dell] has finished phasing out some of the older models from its portfolio and is concentrating on developing the Axim X51 platform with faster processors and more memory. Ed expects to see Axims running Windows […]

New XScale processors. Via PocketPCThoughts #2

Posted on 30 November 2006

This is fantastic news via PocketPCThoughts. The Next Generation of XScale: Monahans Is Here! Three new Marvel Xscale processors have been announced. Mummy, Daddy and Baby Monahans! Daddy breaks through the 1Ghz barrier. •PXA320 (Monahans-P)- 1.2GHz scalable down to 806MHz, general applications processor; [Update – Only 806Mhz for the time being. 1.2Ghz has been tested though.]•PXA310 (Monahans-LV) – multimedia processor, supposedly capable of 30fps H.264 playback in VGA resolutions; and•PXA300 […]

Sharps W-Zero3. Trendy! (via PocketPCThoughts #1)

Posted on 30 November 2006

PocketPCThoughts have some great news today. There’s 3 items I want to relay. Firstly, the W-Zero3 from Sharp. This is very much how I imagine the HTC Athena will be, but with a bigger screen and a magnetic keyboard cover instead of the slider. I had forgotten about this high-end Smartphone from 2005. Its not a ultra mobile PC (VGA screen and Windows Mobile 5 unfortunately) but there’s a lot […]

i7210 UMPC. Long-term testing notes.

Posted on 30 November 2006

Writing detailed reviews should always be a long-term process. Often its not possible though. Even after spending many many hours with a device, you don’t find out about everything that an owner would. This has been true of the TabletKiosk i7210 ultra mobile PC which I still use as my daily PC in docked, mini-PC, extended-screen mode. I’ve had it for nearly two months now and I think I’ve finally found out pretty […]

Old RSS feed and email feeds close today.

Posted on 30 November 2006

Sorry to all of you that are still subscribed to the old RSS and email feeds. I’ll be turning them off today. The new, more complete, RSS and Email feeds are active though so you just need to switch-over to carry on getting the content.  For the email subscription (a daily Email containing the last 24 hours postings.) use the form below. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner     […]

Top UMPC list.

Posted on 30 November 2006

The R2H will not budge from the top of the ultra mobile PC table. On the Carrypad product list it gets more than twice as much attention as any other Ultra Mobile PC. I’ve had the ranking system in place for a while now and its interesting to watch things go up and down. Generally after some news, a device will climb a place or two but there is a definite […]


I have no idea what this is…

Posted on 30 November 2006

It was reported on AVING news network in Korean but the article appears to be about a Wi-Bro conference and not the device. Anyone know anything about it? It looks cool. Not sure about the flat keyboard though. Steve. View details of all Ultra Mobile devices in the ultra mobile PC product database. From N800 to Flybook V5, its all there!

Festive summary of TabletPCs and UMPCs –

Posted on 30 November 2006

UMPCs like you’ve never seen them before at TabletPC2 Tablet PC 2 has a summary of many of the UMPCs in a festive photo-shoot. I like it. Makes me want to go and put my decorations up! Steve.   Technorati tags: umpc View details of all Ultra Mobile devices in the ultra mobile PC product database. From N800 to Flybook V5, its all there!