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Uren Car UMPC. Q1B (HSDPA) will do it better.

Posted on 31 December 2006

Have you seen the Uren Auto ultra mobile PC unboxing video over at UltraMobileLife?   Bjorn Stromberg, who runs this VIA sponsored blog, got hold of the Uren and gave us a good intro to the physicals of the device. The first information on the Uren came out in September (see Navigadget) and it was the first time that a ultra mobile PC was offered with dedicated car accessories, a port replicator and […]

Uren Car UMPC

Posted on 31 December 2006

If you’re following UMPC-related information on the ‘net then you’ve probably seen the Uren Auto UMPC unboxing video over at UltraMobileLife.


Bjorn Stromberg, who runs this VIA sponsored blog, got hold of the Uren and gave us a good intro to the physicals of the device. The first information on the Uren came out in September (see Navigadget) and if our memory serves us right, we ha a little laugh at the name and then concluded it was cool. For the first time we were seeing a UMPC being delivered with dedicated car accessories a port replicator and remote control.

Its a VIA C7-M device with a simple design (presumably to reduce its surface area when placed in the viewing line on a car dashboard) and the all-important overlay software. Just as StreetDeck, RoadRunner or even program launcher do, it simplifies touch access to the most commonly used programs. This is absolutely essential for in-car use.

Other specifications include 30GB HDD, built-in GPS, DMB receiver and rear-mounted (forward facing) camera all in a 700gm package. The only thing we think is missing is a cellular modem which is important for the Google/live look-up, live traffic info and messaging capabilities.

The Uren is unfortunately only available in Asia for the equivalent of about $1000. Hopefully someone will pick up on it and put it or a similar device through the FCC/CE/ROHS certifications and ship them over because there’s a serious lack of decent car-focused software and hardware at the moment.

All the known specifications are listed in the Carrypad UMPC database.

Christmas week UMPC news.

Posted on 30 December 2006

A few pounds heavier (thanks Mum.) and with a huge number of emails and feeds marked for attention, Chippys back. I’m quite surprised at how much news there has actually been over the last week and while going through the feed-reader a lot of thoughts and opinions came into my head that I need to write down. Here’s a quick run down of things that I want to look in […]

Christmas Podcast fun with UMPC Cast #6

Posted on 23 December 2006


As a Christmas gift to all here is UMPC Cast #6 – UMPCs in 2007 and Beyond.

We talk about new changes going on with the site and what new UMPCs will be released in 2007. Plus our usual bantering about nothing.

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Mobile Junkie needs help this Christmas.

Posted on 22 December 2006

Look at me. What an embarrassment. This is what I wanted to take to the UK.  I need to drastically reduce this mess. Let me try to pare it down a bit…. Look on the right hand side. That’s all power-related rubbish. I know what my first project in the new year is. 2 universal 12/110/240v adaptors with multi-voltage and multi-tips. Preferably with an integrated AA battery charger.  How would you reduce […]

Origami at CES.

Posted on 22 December 2006

Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile has a few nice CES/Origami tips for us today.

He points to a ZDNet article where its said that Mr Gates will mention Origami devices in his keynote speech. These, apparently, will be UMPC’s running Vista.

There’s also a hint from MS that there will be a focus on devices with slide out keyboards. We’re not surprised at that. The keyboardless computer is a tough sell. The Yahoo-Go partnership UMPC could be one of these.

There’s also a hint from TabletKiosk that they will have a new rugged device to show off at CES. TK have an association with ECS (the i7200 series came through that) so maybe ECS have new devices to show off too. The other possibility is that they’ve taken the Mobits VX3 design and used that. We’ll have to see.

Read between all the lines at GottaBeMobile.

Tatung UMPC.

Posted on 22 December 2006

Here’s one that slipped through the net at Computex.  I just got a tip-off on these images that were obviously taken at Computex 2006. Its got a ultra mobile PC form factor and I had never seen or heard anything about it until now.  The original website is here. (This product appears half-way down.) It says ‘UMPC’ on the front but it looks like its running WM5   I’ve tried to find […]

Reviewing the Athena X7500 rumour.

Posted on 21 December 2006

I saw it high on Tailrank at one point yesterday which means a lot of people must have been talking about it and now i’ve had time to dry my trousers I can sit down and analyse what we’ve actually got here. There seems to be two sets of specifications floating about. One with a 3.5″ screen and a 320×240 resolution and the other with a 5″ screen and 640×480 […]

Pepper Desktop V3.1 released.

Posted on 21 December 2006

Jenn (Pocketables) has already made a post on this but I’d like to follow it up with a little more technical info. Firstly, can I just say – 3Mbps MPEG-4 performance! Yup, they updated the mplayer package and its really boosted the performance. I noticed it when I played my favorite 2mbps – Xvid/AC3 encoded “Best of Top Gear” DVD Rip. It was smoother than before. I checked the CPU performance and it […]

Mac OSX on an Asus R2H UMPC

Posted on 21 December 2006


From the articles from a week ago department comes a posting from [url=][/url] showing Mac OSX running on an Asus R2H.

The system is functional but has incorrect screen calibration and device issues.

OnlyUMPC also has a video of the system running, so go check it out [url=]here[/url].

‘Twas the Night before CES’ by Ultranauts.

Posted on 20 December 2006

This isn’t bad. Its a ‘UMPC Verse’ by Ultranauts. We won’t spoil it by posting it here so pop over and take a look. Well done lads. Now step away from the brandy butter and get back to work!

HTC Athena pics leaked and I’ve just wet my pants.

Posted on 20 December 2006

Update: I’m tracking the latest info on this HTC Athena datasheet. Look! There’s many more pics here. As Grandpa Joe said in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’: ‘PRAISE THE LORD. We’ve found the Golden Carrypad. Possibly.’ I have to leave the office now. I’m looking forward to reading what the blogosphere thinks about it. Many thanks to ‘Fragles’ who tipped me off. More Carrypad news about the Athena here and […]