Ultra Mobile PC, 10 hours battery life, 1.5KG, $1150.

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Is there another Ultra Mobile PC package in the world that can run for 10 hours, weighs under 1.5KG and costs under $1200? Just under 10 hours ago I plugged the TabletKiosk MP3400 Powerbank into the fully charged Kohjinsha SA1 and its just shut down. That’s 9hrs and 45 minutes of disk thrashing, movie playing, 100% CPU, WiFi-connected mobile goodness. (No easy tests here!) Without the movie playing or WiFi, I would get about 11 hours life.

The MP3400 has turned out to be a really good purchase so far. It can supply just under 60W/hr of power at 5,6,7.5,9,12,14,16 and 19v through a number of connector types (8 are supplied but you can get after-market extras) and it will charge through the Kohjinsha’s 19v adaptor so I only need to take one adaptor with me. You can even daisy chain the end device off the battery while the battery is plugged in thus charging both the PC and the Powerbank at the same time. (Use the supplied adaptor if you do this. The one supplied with the Kohji gets very hot!)

It looks good, is easy to use, comes with a coiled cable, a leather case with a flappy magnetic closure (you know the ones that you have to play with all the time?) and a nice drawstring bag for the adaptors. It also works with the Pepper Pad 3, the i7210 and if I had an adaptor, would even charge my mobile phone and N800. It would actually be hard to find a device that this could not charge given the right adaptor. The only quirk I can report is that you need to plug the adaptor tip into the coiled cable and plug that into the battery pack (making sure its not plugged into the end device) before you can set the voltage.

Weight is quite high at 450gm (15.9 oz) but for me, it means putting to one side a rats nest of cables and mains adaptors that weigh exactly the same anyway. Its weight-neutral at the end of the day. Size is 83x172x23.5mm (3.3×6.8x.9 inches) which is about the same size as three packs of cards. Charge time is 4 hours.

For those that are interested, the Kohjinsha averaged about 9.5watts drain through the test which is very good with WiFi, 100% CPU and 50% screen brightness. The movie was War of the Worlds at 528×288 in XVid format at over 2mbps.

Gallery of Powerbank images here

The MP3400 is highly recommended and available here through TabletKiosk in the U.S. I have also seen it on Expansys in Europe.

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