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Everun. Application performance video.

Posted on 30 June 2007

This will be the last in-depth Everun video for a while. I’ve spent a lot of time on it and although the Everun is an enjoyable UMPC and deserves a lot of time, I really should re-focus on the big UMPCPortal picture. At least for a few days anyway.

Raon Digital Everun
Read the full article to see the Raon Digital Everun applications demo.

Everun video. Its a phone!

Posted on 29 June 2007

Hugo Ortega has also got hold of an Everun UMPC and its good news because he’s got one with the HSDPA module installed.

“One of the more revolutionary device to hit the market” he says. I totally agree.  I’m looking forward to his opinions and videos.

Take a look at his first post and intro video here. Superb stuff Hugo.  BIG SMILE!

Midinux. Touchscreen scrolling demo.

Posted on 29 June 2007

Today is touch day! The iPhone launches today and consumers will start to learn about mobile Internet. Its a good thing for UMPCs because by the time those 2 year contracts are up (or that battery wears out!) the consumer UMPCs will be ready to sweep up. Possibly! Here’s a video I missed. Its a Midinux demo showing touch scrolling. Its a small part of a complete operating system and yet somehow it feels extremely important. UMPC vendors need to capitalize on the touch elements in their marketing over the next year.

Midinux touchscreen scrolling on a Founder/ECS/TabletKiosk UMPC

The i7210 has an e-galax touchscreen I believe. That means Midinux could work on all Q1’s (not Ultras), R2H and the ECS/founder/variants. There are probably others using the e-galax screen and a possibility that RedFlag has built in drivers for other devices.

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Very fair report on the Q1 Ultra.

Posted on 28 June 2007

Q1 Ultra NewsInformation week have a nice article on the Q1 Ultra. Its simple, well written, easy to understand and importantly, fair. It will give new users a good idea of what a UMPC is and what they should expect from a this device. Well done David. 9/10

Information Week on the Samsung Q1 Ultra.

Entry point Q1 Ultra. Minimalist , $900.

Posted on 28 June 2007

So the rumor was correct. Samsung USA took out the 600Mhz A100 in the Q1 Ultra, dropped an 800Mhz A110 in and bumped the price up by $100. But that’s not all. One of the early customers is reporting some other differences. The screen frame buttons aren’t implemented on the Q1U-EL and the menu button appears where the shutter button normally is. There’s no included soft case and after 48 hours, the owner still hasn’t been able to find or configure any Bluetooth. He’s waiting for confirmation on this as it could be an error but potential customers might want to keep an eye on the outcome of this situation before they order.

Original information in this thread at

iPhone on-screen keyboard is fast. Not good for internet work.

Posted on 28 June 2007

Loren at Incremental Blogger did a fun test. At the end of the recent Apple iPhone keyboard demo you see someone (that guy with the flappy arms I assume) typing two-thumbed on an iPhone. It looks really nice. Fast. Loren tried keeping up with an on-screen keyboard and couldn’t quite do it. The demo shows the sentence “I know a great place a couple blocks away. I will make a reservation for three.” being typed in 22 seconds. That’s a nice 218 characters per minute. I couldn’t resist having a go on the Everun.

My first attempt was 33 seconds. Not so good but consider that was after 36 hours of having the device and without any word predictive logic. I was also holding the device unlike in the demo where it seems to be fixed. Lets also assume that this marketing video is only showing the best take. After 5 minutes, my best take was 26 seconds. it doesn’t look like I’m going to get any faster. If you take into consideration that the video is likely to be a ‘good case’ example and that the device is not being held, I think you can say that the iPhone also hits around 50% of normal typing speed. Its certainly faster than any other on-screen method I’ve tried(other UMPC device typing rates here.)

But let me highlight a problem with the iPhone and its on screen keyboard. It might be fast but it takes 40% of the screen space. Its going to be no good for Internet work. Lets ignore the fact that its got no mobile Internet connectivity (WiFi is only good for multiple, pre-configured, fixed locations and EDGE is way too slow) you get only 320 pixels wide and 480 high. It might be enough with the nice auto zooming features but if you ever want to input text into a web site (for example if you’re using an Internet based application or even just entering a forum post or webmail email) you’re going to lose something like 200 pixels from the bottom leaving you with a 320×280 screen. For me, that’s way short of the FIE. Now I’m not saying it should be possible because the iPhone is for consumers – people that read, listen and watch. They generally won’t be interacting with websites. I’m a slightly different mobile Internet user. Its a two-way process with me and a device that’s almost the FIE is no good at all for me. I need the FIE and if I can’t get it on a smartphone, (You cant – look at this) then I’ll stay with my two device strategy. Mini 3G 320×240 feature phone and x86-based UMPC.

Everun. The Keyboard video (and a few other points)

Posted on 27 June 2007

Everun news.The most asked question about the Everun so far is “keyboard keyboard keyboard. What’s the keyboard like?” The best way I know to answer that one is with a video but before the video, here are a few other items on my Everun notes sheet here.

  • Built in light sensor. It works! It does a very good job of reducing and increasing the backlight level. Its also possible to offset the auto brightness by +/- 50% (or something that looks like 50%!)
  • VGA output – works! I tried it on a 1024×768 monitor this afternoon.
  • Lack of SD card slot is still annoying me
  • Battery monitoring. As on the Vega, the battery does not supply information to Windows. To windows it looks like an external mains power supply. Raon provide an application which monitors battery and reports on level. More on that another time.
  • The Q1 feels HUGE after playing with the Everun. My gadget bag also feels empty! More space in it for other crap now.
Keyboard. After 24 hours, here’s how I’m getting on with it…
(hi-res WMV version on my page.)

Bonus video…a couple of minutes of Everun ‘show’

Kohjinsha nanobook keyboards look good.

Posted on 27 June 2007

If the images that JKK has really are the same keyboard then, according to the CeBIT UMPC get-together we had in March, its the best there is. We all agreed that the V5 had the best feel across all the keyboarded UMPCs we tried, and that included the P1610.


More images at jkkmobile.

Raon Digital Everun. Exclusive preview video.

Posted on 27 June 2007

Update: Full Everun review is now available.

I feel very privileged to be able to air this introduction video of the Raon Digital Everun that will be on sale next month. Thanks to Raon Digital and a meeting schedule that took them through my neck of the woods I was able to meet up with them, discuss the Everun and take away the device for long-term testing. Not only is this a first showing of the Everun but I believe this is the first time anyone has had an AMD LX900-based device in their hands. A double privilege!

The device you’ll see in the video is a production sample containing a 30GB HDD. Unfortunately there’s some delay in getting the SSD-based version into the production line so I’m guessing there might be some delays on the SSD version being available to customers. That’s a shame of course because for me, one of the appealing features is that, for the first time, you have a consumer-focused UMPC with an SSD for a price that doesn’t break the bank. The device I’m testing doesn’t have the HSDPA module installed either. I did have the chance to test an HSDPA version today and can report that it supports both data and voice.

More thoughts. Introduction video…

Raon digital Everun. A technology WOW in my hands.

Posted on 26 June 2007

Its too early to say if this is just a good consumer UMPC or a fantastic one but there’s one thing that’s for sure, this is an incredible bit of technology. I had a great meeting with Raon Digital today and was lucky enough to come away with an Everun for long term testing. The first outside Asia.

Yes the keyboard is useable. Yes the HSDPA module supports voice. Yes the optical mouse works well. Yes the battery life is amazing. Yes Yes yes!

Look out for a quick hands-on video later, a report tomorrow and a live video and Q&A session tomorrow evening.

Kohjinsha’s new Vista UMPCs, Sh Series, announced.

Posted on 26 June 2007

MyKohjinsha was correct last week in highlighting that the new Japanese Kohjinsha models would be the SH series. It appears that the K600 and K601 are for the Korean market. Over in Europe and the US, its the SH series that we should be looking at but there’s some details in the specs that don’t match up and with Kohjinsha offering, from today, Vista on a just a 600Mhz processor, I think there’s going to be some problems.

According to the corporate website there will be four models in the SH range based on the Intel McCaslin (A100 / A110) platform. All will have 1024×600 touch enabled LED backlit convertible screens (I will assume that this is the same lovely Samsung-manufactured screen that is in the Q1 Ultra. Possibly the best 7″ finger touchscreen on the market at the moment) and come with a 29W/hr battery for around 3.5 hours of use. On top of that, they’ve produced a 60W/hr batter for a huge 7 hours of productivity. Local Japan pricing is competitive at between 600 and 750 Euros.

All of that will be irrelevant if they try and squeeze Vista into a 40GB disk with 512MB ram on a 600Mhz processor. I really hope Kohjinsha have made an error on their web-page and that we’ll see XP on the low-end version and (if the marketing people must!) Vista on an 800Mhz version.  Stay tuned while I try and get confirmation on the specs.

Kohjinsha announcement. Via

Jabra BT8010 Review by UltramobileGeek.

Posted on 25 June 2007

This is nearly perfect for a 2-device mobile phone / UMPC setup. The Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth headset allows you to go multi-mode with your audio. Use the single earpiece as a traditional headset for your mobile phone or add the second earpiece and go for full A2DP quality audio from either the mobile phone OR a second device such as a UMPC. I can’t see myself using it much for a UMPC. I play all my music from my phone and when I’m watching a video on the UMPC I’ll either be on a plane or train where I’m not likely to get or want any calls anyway. However, the possibility is always there if you need it.

I think I’d rather go for something that looks more like a headphone rather than a headset though. Since reading Thoughtfix’s review I had a quick look round and found these Sony Ericsson headphones and the nice looking BH-501 from Nokia. I just can’t see myself walking round looking like an Estate Agent and so these are probably not for me.

Thoughtfix review and video of the Jabra BT8010.