FIC CE260. First pics. Its the iDot iNano

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Ctitanic wrote about it the other day so I decided to send Christoph over to the VIA stand to see if he could find anything.

Bingo! We have new UMPC. And another new design. Rather than centering the screen and leaving a huge frame, FIX have moved the screen over to the left and added an info window. I’m not sure if that’s a Vista sidebar capable screen. Possibly not as the device seen is running XP. The device shown is a prototype.

More images in the gallery.

The iDot / CE260 is a VIA 1.2Ghz-based Ultra Mobile device with a 7″ screen (looks like 800×480 to me but this is unconfirmed) and a wacky 180 degree folding screen (folds back over itself. Sorry no pics of that.) WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, USB(x2) and a 4-in-1 card reader are included. VIA are talking about a 5hours battery life, 850gram weight and there’s talk about a 600 dollar price point. (assume trade price.) A fold-over screen does indicate touch capability but that’s not been confirmed. The keyboard felt ‘very similar to my keyboard on the notebook’ and ‘very good IMHO’

This one is due for launch tomorrow but there’s a preview going on at the Hyatt as I type. We’re on the case and will bring you info if Christoph can worm his way in.

Update: Now tracking all the specifications and news on a new product page.

Update2: I didn’t know this but iDOT is part of the VIA group. So we’ve got a platform provider (VIA), a design company (iDOT) and a manufacturer (FIC.) There’s one thing missing, a brand and distribution company.

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