Origami optimized reader available. For some.

Updated on 22 May 2015 by

Last week I was introduced to the world of e-books. With the Everun in my hand I finally thought ‘mmm. Here’s a device that’s bloody perfect. Sub-500gm, bright screen, auto rotate, long battery life. Perfect.’ And it was. Really good. Its better in the hand than any other ultra mobile PC I’ve tried. I feel like I did when I discovered MP3’s – I’m downloading e-books like I’m about to go on a 5-year holiday!

Naturally I was interested in trying out the new touch-optimised Reader on my touch-screen device and tried installing it. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! No way. You need to have the Origami TouchPack installed. What?

I’m back to Mobipocket now.

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