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Jonathan Greene has published a video that shows a comparison between the three browsers on the N95, N800 and iPhone. He summarizes by saying that he prefers Safari over Opera. (iPhone over N800) which raises a few questions for me, someone that’s always saying ‘browsing starts at 800 pixels wide.’ He puts the devices through a tough test of Google apps (Gmail, Google Reader) and a few basic websites. The summary is that while the N95 browser is good, its just not up to the standard of the N800 and iPhone.

This, of course, is a Wifi test. In a non-hotspo area with 3G coverage, the N95 wins hands down! I wonder what Matt Miller would say about this. He’s just returned his iPhones (yes. More than one!) in favor of his N95 and has even put an order in for a Nokia E90. I’ll be watching for his opinion on the E90 browser.

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The N800 and iPhone are consistently proving to be two of the best ARM-based devices out there (E90 needs a good test though!) but I still think there’s a big big difference between Opera/S60 Browser and full x86 browsers. To that end I’ve made a similar video by taking the N800, the Everun and the Samsung Q1P  and running them through some browser speed-tests. I’m writing this before I make the video and I’m expecting the Everun to be much faster than the N800. Its a full X86-based Windows PC (and costs a lot more too!) so should do well. The Q1P should be the fastest though. Lets see how it goes…

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Update: ArchosLounge joins the browser demo party and brings along an Archos 605 Wifi!

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