Mozilla browser ported for N800

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So there’s one of my complaints about the N800 out the window. They’ve (Maemo and Mozilla teams I assume) ported the Mozilla engine over to it and now you’ve got full Ajax support and the possibility of plugins within the Nokia N800 browser. A quick test on my N800 confirms that at least Google Reader is working now and that you can switch between Opera and Mozilla engines and get different results. Over on the Internet Tablet Talk forum there are pages of people buzzing about the more complete Internet browsing experience. And its only a beta release! (Note I have seen crashes. Its not ready for mainstream yet.)

I’ve moaned about the FIE on ARM before but it looks like I might have to think about moving the Nokia tablet from sub-ultra mobile PC status to ultra mobile PC status making it the first ARM device I’d recommend as a consumer-focused ultra mobile PC. Not quite yet though. Not in its N800 incarnation. That processor is still not powerful enough to get things flowing smoothly for customers. Page loads are still as slow as before and media playback/YouTube still stutters along. BUT…its a big step forward and really heats up the x86 vs ARM race. I have to say that the Maemo project appears to be coming of age nicely and it makes things very interesting indeed for the next version of Nokia Tablet hardware.

More info on the N800 available here.

Via Ubuntu Mobile mailing list. (See Wiki for more info.)

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