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So its been awhile since I’ve posted anything on UMPCPortal.  I now have a new toy, and I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you.  I just received today the Tekkeon MyPowerAll MP3450.  Steve “Chippy” Paine did a review on the MP3400 a few months ago, and after reading it, I had to get one.  I decided to wait a little bit, and I am glad that I did.

I took a trip to tekkeon.com where I came across a new listing for a new MyPowerALL Device…the Tekkeon MP3450.  What separates this from the MP3400?  The 3400 provides you with an additional 6Wh at 56Wh, while the 3450 provides 50Wh.  What does this mean?  Powering a device such as a UMPC, or a Laptop will result in less capacity, and there for less overall battery life.  The 3450 is rated at being able to power a Laptop for about 3.5Hrs.  I haven’t had a chance to test this however I must say so far its doing quite well.

A few other differences that I would like to point out is the MP3450 has the capability to charge not only a portable device such as a Laptop, it also can simultaneously charge a USB device such as an iPod or Digital Camera.  The most important feature that I think is key to the selling point of the MP3450 is its ability to link up with an additional battery pack (MP3450-10), and provide double the capacity, so you’re getting roughly 100Wh out of it.  Seems more bang for your dollar than having to purchase an extra battery for your UMPC, Notebook, or other portable device.


The build quality is very solid, and all of the accessories that were given with the MP3400 are given with the MP3450.  The leather case varies slightly however I find this one much nicer as it just slides out, while still maintaining protection of the device to prevent scratches, or if you have butter fingers, to protect from shorter drops.  I was able to find the Tekkeon MP3450 over at Newegg for only $114 with $5.00 shipping.  Quite the bargain compared to the MP3400 which is about $20 more.

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