Off to Finland for holiday and a UMPC meet-up

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The first time I ever met anyone from Finland, this was the result. OK, we were half-way through a day of Oktoberfest beer madness but its still a fond first impression of Finnish culture and I can still remember it vividly! ‘Kippis! Kippis!’ still rings in my head. The second set of Finnish people I met was in March this year when jkk of jkkmobile met up with me at CeBIT and we didn’t stop talking UMPCs for about 4 days. Funnily enough there was also a large amount of beer involved.

So its with some worry that I take my wife on a holiday to Helsinki tomorrow ;-)

I’ll be packing the rucksack full will all sorts of unnecessary mobile and ultra mobile PC equipment and hoping that the wife doesn’t notice. Jkk will be doing the same and coming over to the hotel for a ultra mobile PC chit-chat and you never know, we might even post a few videos of the put-it-on-the-room-bill madness. Apologies in advance and all that!! As far as the portal goes I will still be posting but it will be in holiday mode only. All rambling will be kept to a minimum. I’ll still be checking emails and dealing with back-office business too. In between all that I will be trying my best to focus on a relaxing holiday with my wife, taking saunas on the hotel roof, eating lovely food, exploring islands and ignoring the free WiFi, 7.2mbps HSDPA and the Nokia flagship store containing a number of E90’s!

When I come back there should be a Kohjinsha SH6 waiting for me and I’ll be diving straight into that as soon as my smalls are washed. I’ve heard some good reports already so I’m pretty excited about it. I’m planning for it to fit in as my productivity ultra mobile PC with the Everun taking over consumer duties when I’m not supposed to be working.

Have fun while I’m away!

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