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Update: 15 Oct. Added Jenn’s OQO Model 02 result.

Jenn of Pocketables write an excellent review of the (rather uninspiring) Flipstart last week and in it, she summarized the typing speed tests that she had done on previous devices and compared it to the Flipstart.

I thought it would be a good idea to combine that list with my tests and some other results picked up from around the ultra mobile PC community. The results range from the smallest thumboard to full size keyboards and gives a good idea how certain form factors and keyboards styles affect input efficiency. Its interesting that the iPhone is as fast as some of the mechanical keyboards on UMPCs and that the new keyboard on the Kohjinsha SA1F00V and SH6 is way faster than the previous versions of that keyboard.

The percentages listed are the percentage of full touch typing speed achieved by the tester. If anyone has any other speed test results, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list for future reference.

Brando Mini BT Keyboard [Ctitanic] 27%
DialKeys on Samsung Q1P [Jenn] 29%
i7210 onscreen keyboard (TIP) [Chippy] 30%
OQO Model 01+ [Jenn] 34%
Apple iPhone [Jenn] 35%
Kohjinsha SA1F00A (ultra mobile PC mode) [Jenn] 36%
Sony Vaio UX180P [Jenn] 37%
FlipStart, high-capacity (ultra mobile PC mode) [Jenn] 40%
FlipStart, both batteries (laptop mode) [Jenn] 41%
Medion/Gigabyte [Chippy] 42%
FlipStart, slimline (ultra mobile PC mode) [Jenn] 43%
Everun portrait mode [Chippy] 46%
Pepper Pad 3 [Chippy] 50%
Kohjinsha SA1F00A (laptop mode) [Jenn] 51%
Pepper Pad 3 [Jenn] 54%
OQO Model e2 [Chippy] 53%
OQO Model 02 [Jenn] 51%
Kohjisnha SA1F00A laptop mode [Chippy] 55%
Eleksen Fabric [Chippy] 60%
Kohjinsha SA1F00V [Spoonsworld] 85%
Kohjinsha SH6 [Chippy] 85%
Fujitsu P1610 [Ctitanic] 87%
Samsung Q1 organiser keyboard 100%

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