HTC Press conference. Live.

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Over the next few hours i’ll be covering the HTC Press conference in London. I’m going to try and run a live vide/audio feed at (simple webcam/ustream service via the Everun.) and a live blog on the Vye Mini-v S37  The WiFi could be fairly overloaded here so I wont be posting photos in the blog. You]ll find these, when I get the chance to upload them, in the gallery. After the press conference there will be a mad dash to get some hands on with the Shift (and anything else of interest!) and then a chance to interview the Chief Marketing Officer for HTC. Ill probably record that for later.

So on to the show. FIngers crossed that the WiFi holds up. If not, ive got the HSDPA module built into the Everun (thanks

Update. Live stream could be a problem here. I’m working on it.!

11:50. Looks like its not starting until at least 1200.

1200: Its starting in a few… Lots of other websites here. Im sure the coverage is going to be big.

1205: Im nervous. Is this right? Maybe im worried about battery life. Or finally getting to meet Mr Shift. No sign of HTC reps yet.

1210: Starting….Peter Chou

Talking strategy… innovation….listening to customers….

Shift and Advantage on screen as mobile office devices….

More touch talk….I’m not going to cover this. OThers around me are typing like mad so im sure youll find that info somewhere else.

And here comes the Touch slider….

Here comes the detailed news about the new products.

First the P6500. Yuck. Enterprise device. Fingerprint reader. Functional design/.No one will steal this!!

12:20. Details about the P6500 continues…..

Heres the Shift…

"Wouldnt it be nice if it was small, 8-0gms, 3G connected" Yup!

No news news yet. Talking about 2 day standby battery life. Always on Push email. Targeting mobile execs.

Calling SNap-Vue as a world first.

And that was it for the time being…. One slide. I can see the HTC is already set up in the display area. Am tempted to go now.

Now talking about expending the Touch family

OK and now you get the HTC Touch Dual. NOthing for ultra mobile PC fans!! (Although it looks rather cool)

I will probably stop now and try to get to the Shift for some vids.

I had a play… back in the conference now tho. THe shift is boooting up….return from hibernation is still V slow!

KEyboard not as good as SH6/VyePC S37. But OK. I guess 60-70%. typing speed.

Q&A. time…..

WIll ask availability on the HTC Shift….

HTC SHift will be available in a 4week window form end of October. Through carriers and retail.

Lots of questions about the smartphone products coming in……

1199 Euro for the HTC Shift confirmed.

I asked about the specs released in Dubai – No comment

They are considering offering XP on HTC Shift!

Someone asked about battery life. The answer was wooly. Something about being like a notebook! Ill get the real answer later!

Q&A closed…

Back later.

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