Electronic music tools on-the-go with the Everun UMPC.

Updated on 22 May 2015 by

image A BIG thank you to Sophocha in the UMPCPortal forums. He made me realise that I hadn’t tried the Everun out with any music creation/composition tools yet. I have now…and it is HUGE fun. Potentially, for those more musically gifted than me, an absolute boon for on-the-go music creation.

Every band should have at least two Everuns in the tour bus!! (And should send Sophocha and I free tickets to their concerts ;-) ) Enough of the blah blah. Here are the two videos…

First the one from Sophocha using the Everun as a synth/sequencer. (Sonar v.4 with Ozone keyboard)

And secondly, me playing a demo and then making a mess of a noise with Fruity Loops. (Try the higher quality Blip.tv version here. Audio quality on YouTube is poor.)

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