Sharp launches Willcom D4 UMPC. Mini-Shift anyone?

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‘Oh my God.’ AkihabaraNews’ first words about this Windows UMPC. ‘What time is it.’ My first words to JKK when he called me about it about 15 minutes ago. ‘Holy crap it’s a Carrypad.’ My first thoughts on seeing it.

The Willcom D4 is a 1.3Ghz Atom-based slider capable of running Windows. With 1GB of RAM and a 40GB hard drive, 5″ 1024×600 screen. It weighs 470gm and is Centrino Atom certified. It’s wide though. The size is 192x84x26 which is 20mm wider than a Raon Digital Everun it could be a disadvantage, it could be an advantage as the keyboard looks quite useable in a Psion-5 kind of way. [See full specs.]


If Sharp don’t make this available in Europe, I think i’ll have to arrange a little holiday! I’m putting the specs and information together in the database right now but in the meantime, check out a ton of live images from Akihabaranews. Thanks for waking me up JKK.

Update: Official specs in the D4 product page. Press release (translation)

More images after the break.





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