Fujitsu U2010 Atom-based UMPC announced

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u2010 Focusing on the ‘high-end’ of the market, the Fujitsu U2010 that was announced in Korean today will be an Atom-based (we assume Silverthorne/Poulsbo) ultra mobile PC running Windows Vista and including GPS and 3G. One of the problems of the previous U1010, the multi-function keys, might have been solved in this model as there’s a 6th row of keys on the device. Weight is an impressive 610g. Screen is 5.6" at, we assume, 1024×600. I also see a fingerprint reader and SD card reader.  There’s no word on processor speed but we can assume that this will be running 1.6 or even 1.8Ghz and a few quick calculations based on a small 20wh 2-cell battery as seen on the U1010 returns a potential in-use battery life of around 3hr which would extend to 6hrs with the commonly used 4-cell battery pack.  A local Taiwanese price of $1300 puts it into the middle of the ultra mobile PC pricing along with other 3G-enabled devices like the Q1 Ultra HSDPA and a July launch ties-in with the expected availability of the Intel Menlow platform.

Its good too see some more pro-mobile devices appearing but the success of this little baby will largely depend on how Vista performs so keep any eye out for reports from Computex.

Source: Digitimes. Via JKKMobile

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  1. Vitel says:

    Cool! They’ve added an extra row of keys!

  2. Erwos says:

    I always loved the U1010, so I’m really curious to see how this one stacks up. Hopefully they managed to put HDMI or DVI on the dock this time around…

  3. says:

    if the older model var the stormtrooper, and its all black variant the vader, is this the palpatine?

  4. scoobie says:

    This was on show at the Atom launch I think, its actually pictured elsewhere on you site here I think:

  5. scoobie says:

    The keys take up more space up to the screen than the last model. Also its very slightly wider I think

    Still not very pocketable unfortunately I think.

    Isnt the u810/loox only a year old? Amazing its replaced already.

    Makes me think where is the Sony Ux replacement? Its teo years old now. At least this has a decent keyboard and probably a much better battery life

  6. Milnoc says:

    An extra row of keys on the new Fujitsu? Does that mean the Home and End keys will exist on this new keyboard? :)

    BTW, I still love my U810. It’ll take a while before I decide to replace it with the next best thing, especially if I successfully install Linux on it.

  7. Firuzabadi says:

    I am disappointed to see they omitted the CF slot!
    as a pro photographer I think it could be better if had CF as u810.

  8. rachana sharma says:

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  9. Timmy says:

    I read some specs and reviews and saw several places where it was stated that the u2010 does have a CF card slot on the right side.

  10. Timmy says:

    FCC has realeased that the U2010 is on it’s way to the US and will be called the U820.

  11. Timmy says:

    U2010 announced on Fujitsu Singapore site.

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