Glowing MSI Wind hands-on report.

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CHW, a Chilean website presents a brief but glowing hands-on report for the MSI Wind mentioning good keyboard, a cool temperature, and what can be interpreted as a responsive feel to Windows XP.  It also mentions battery life figures of 3+hours for the 3-cell battery and 7 hours for the 6-cell which, given the slightly more efficient CPU and, hopefully, a more efficient motherboard design combined with the LED-backlit screen, seem reasonable claims. [More after the pic…]


My feeling is that the MSI Wind is going to attract more consumers than the Eee PC. The design looks better, the keyboard looks better and the fact that it’s larger and heavier than an Eee PC 900 won’t register with people that are used to 13" or 15", 3KG notebooks. It’s right on the limit of what I’d call an ultra mobile PC but I think it’s right on the mark in terms of consumer appeal.

More specs, links, info and a list of similar products to help you worm your way through the maze of devices that are on the books, are available on the MSI Wind info page in our product database where the MSI Wind has just taken top spot as the most popular device over the last seven days traffic.

Latest availability reports indicate a late-June timeframe.

Source: (Translation link) Thanks for the tip Padam.

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  1. wH00p says:

    a w e s o m e !

  2. Kes says:

    Nice one, hope it’ll appear on european market in both (8,9 & 10 inch) versions.

  3. PJE says:

    This looks like my next machine…

    The 6 cell battery is much better integrated into the machine than that on the HP-2133 which makes the device very bulky at the hinge end.

  4. NobbyNobbs says:

    Afetr reading this (p)review I just had to order one. I just hope that the date expansys lists (June 20) is correct…

  5. REMF says:

    The Wind looks marvelous.

    I have in the past lamented the awful graphics ability and use of windows, but having recently replayed Medieval Total War, which won’t play reliably on any of my more modern computers, I have to say that it looks great.

    Buy a Wind to play the following:
    Medieval: Total War
    Planescape Torment
    Baldurs Gate 1 & 2
    Fallout 1 & 2
    Deus Ex
    Thief: The Dark Project

    I cannot play these games on my quad-core, 9800 GX2 vista machine, and most are flakey on my dual-core, 7950GT, winXP

    I can see a purpose for WinXP and the 945 chipset in 2008 after all

  6. Del Hass says:

    Man, I’m totally excited.

    Any word on the battery used in this review being the 6 cell battery.

    one would assume it is the 6 cell battery because of the windows config and the bluetooth light.

    if that is the case, I hope they offer an upgrade to this battery when ordering the linux system.

    I won’t even wait for the dell or the acer UMPCs

  7. Mithinco says:

    I wonder if it’ll be cheaper to get the Linux version and buy a 6 cell battery separately. I really want a better battery life on the Linux version. I’m assuming that MSI is trying to keep the costs low with a 3 cell battery.

  8. tunjung says:

    “My feeling is that the MSI Wind is going to attract more consumers than the Eee PC…”

    Well,IMHO,it wouldn’t be that way,because Eee PC released at time where there’s virtually yet a market for such notebook class,while now we can find almost every major vendor released or planned to release product of this sort.

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