Willcom D4 UMPC preview from Akihabara.

Updated on 11 November 2019 by

Once again, we sadly have to report that OEMs are trying to squeeze Vista on low-end UMPCs. I’m also hearing that ‘unoptimised drivers’ excuse again… [Deep breath…Gooosefrababa]

Akihabara have done some testing on a Willcom D4 1.3Ghz Atom-based ultra mobile PC which they say has a "Beautiful design, ergonomic, a well thought out keyboard, multiple positions, touchscreen…"


The device appears quite large in comparison to say the Gigabyte M528 MID and reminds me of the Raon Digital Everun which isn’t a bad thing because I’d be extremely happy with an Everun that used this design and ran Windows XP. Vista, however, is just going to end up embarrassing Sharp and Intel as it appears to do in the video that Akihabara have produced.

You can check it all out at Akihabara. Willcom D4 specs and links are in our database.

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  1. tk4killa says:

    Every time i see this device, i get blown away by the extremely implemented design.
    This is a high class device, shame about vista and the problems it creates.
    I wish if this device was launched globally.

  2. Dunstan says:

    I love this device. Too bad it’s useless because of Vista. I wonder if Sharp would even consider making an XP version available with a normal 3G radio in the US?

  3. Al says:

    I do hope that they are able to make it run Vista decently although the more I hear about UMPC’s in general regarding the OS; it seems like XP makes more sense? Anyway the design is hands down the best on the market so far due to the clamshell and keyboard.

    I like this design over the gigabyte and LG type devices as those are only thumb input and right now the biggest problem to me with UMPC’s are that they suffer from either weak thumb input or weak pen only input. This design is still small enough to carry in a jacket pocket which to me is what future UMPC’s need to design around. And please OEM’s whom in their right mind wants to thumb input on full windows?

  4. scoobie says:

    Shows why they’ve not released it before now for review (or any other atom umpcs)
    Begs some questions:

    – how much crapware is installed?
    – Why are they running vista sidebar? – thats a real resource hog
    – Why on earth have they choosen a 1.3 Ghz processor?

    Looks like you can thumbboard on the device but it shows problems with the touch sensors on the right.

  5. scoobie says:

    Also, I notice the card for wireless comes out -top left , shown near the end of the video- but it seems a shape I dont recognise. anyone know hat thst unit is and whether it would be swappable for 3G?

  6. Daver says:

    Boy that is a sweet looking UMPC! Finally a pocket clamshell. Maybe if they can not get Vista to run well they will use XP instead? Great design.

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